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Shells in Ashuluke: it is torn there where it is thin

Circumstances of explosion of shells on Tuesday on range Ashuluk in the Astrakhan region the special commission of the Minister of Defence sent on Wednesday to the place of state of emergency investigates. Toughening of specifications of the security, promised by the Ministry of Defence in June of this year, yet does not help: shortage of professional shots affects.

Yesterday on a range Ashuluk platform in the Astrakhan region during unloading of the ammunition intended 2 recycling, there was an explosion. On preliminary conclusions, spontaneous start of the engine 122 - mm of a rocket from installation BM - 21 " became the reason; Hailstones " after which has detonated three more shells, were in packing. Fortunately, other shells lying in the same place, have not blown up.

At present six persons are registered on victims (the officer and five regular soldiers), 12 have got wound, from them four are in a grave condition. Upon incident criminal case as regards 3 articles 349 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of rules of the reference W the subjects representing raised danger to associates, entailed on imprudence death more than two persons) is brought.

the Head of military department Anatoly Serdjukov 4 investigation of state of emergency has sent in Ashuluk the commission of the Minister of Defence led by the deputy minister general Dmitry Bulgakov. The commission should take off for the Astrakhan region on Wednesday evening, and following the results of investigation to prepare the report 4 the president of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Serdjukov has informed.

Disturbing system

Recently states of emergency in military warehouses followed regularly.

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For the past two years in Russia has occurred three real crashes W hranimymi ammunition. In the autumn of 2009 has blown up naval 31 - j an arsenal near Ulyanovsk. On May, 26th, 2011 ammunition in 99 - m an artillery arsenal under settlement Urman in Bashkiria has started to be torn. And there and then, on June, 2nd, 2011, after a fire explosions on 102 - m an arsenal of gunners of the Central military district, near to the Udmurt settlement Pugachevo have rung out.

Last two events are ESP interesting in connection with last incident on Ashuluke. Both in Pugachevo, and in Urmane there were platforms on recycling of old ammunition. On preliminary conclusions of the investigation, the reasons of explosions both there, and there became same: rough infringements of safety rules.

since 2009 of the Minister of Defence made active WRK on liquidation of the ammunition which has remained in bed in warehouses a warranty period of storage. Old ammunition in the country is destroyed tens thousand cars a year, and the organisation of this process demands special attention.

it is not excluded, what exactly the increase in volume of recycling against variety chronically not solved (and in something and aggravated) problems in an army economy and became the reason such gloomy mass " salute ".

Shots do not solve

Following the results of accidents in Bashkiria and Udmurtiya the assumption already sounded that at the heart of a problem the factor of professionalism of staff can lie. Poreformennye reductions of personnel experts of the armed forces, ESP ruthlessly concerned " noncombat " parts (2 what also arsenals, whatever one may do, concern), should influence efficiency and security of current WRK on recycling of old ammunition.

Under dismissals, we will remind, tochechno ensigns and variety of regular officers have got. In some cases the policy of reductions in parts surrendered on a payoff to commanders - in the form of a total quota, for example: " To reduce third of officer posts ". More often the decision was accepted on a method " states of all divisions of a part are reduced to third " - W/ O analysis real ukomplektovannosti and requirements for people on separate sites, is simple to execute the order, without creating unnecessary conflicts in collective. And in the same 102 - m an arsenal under Pugachevo during these transformations, under some data, have reduced 80 officers from former staff more than in 100 posts.

Ensigns in a question considered by us - separate and very important category of military men. Heroes of national folklore, sovereigns of warehouses and property were also the perfect professionals knowing the business and supervising current procedural WRK. In those warehouses, artillery.

the Move having started up this military category under a knife, and superficially enough having approached to replacement of duties executed by them by officers (too reduced, BTW), the Ministry of Defence has toughened and W/ O that permanent personnel crisis. There, where it was ESP thin, it has started to be torn.

For the sake of justice we will notice that the decision on ensigns and warrant officers of fleet has been recognised subsequently by erroneous and " it is won back " BWD. In June, 2010 the Joint Staff has given private comments that their reduction will be until stopped when personnel sergeants in large quantities will go to armies - experts.

to Estimate all destructions in army system from such " peredergivanija " staff difficultly, unless to indirect signs.

Telodvizhenija in an uncertain direction

That were done by military men within the summer which has begun explosions in Pugachevo and Urmane, and now coming to an end with tragedy in Ashuluke? " Two times is already system " - president Dmitry Medvedev in the beginning of June has noticed to the Minister of Defence.

Right after bashkirsko - Udmurt " a doublet " Anatoly Serdjukov has stopped WRK on destruction of old ammunition before the termination of check of security on places and careful certification of the persons who are carrying out razukomplektovanie and preparation of stale products 2 destruction. In a week the minister held the report on this problem B4 legislators.

Then the representative under human rights in the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukin has declared that the regular soldier cannot be involved in WRK on recycling of ammunition. " 4 this very dangerous, difficult, self-denying purpose it is necessary to have the professional people, very responsible people " - the ombudsman considers.

In the answer by the end of June of the Minister of Defence has promised " cardinally to change approaches 2 safety on all objects of the Minister of Defence where ammunition " is stored; and also has threatened " regular and sudden " checks. Any more practical recommendations by military department, IAC, it has not been sounded.

it is necessary to notice that the problem of manual unloading of ammunition srochnikami, apparently, if was resolved after ministerial " a match " W the big scratch. So, in the end of July the device of the representative under human rights in the Chelyabinsk area has extended a MSG that on Chebarkulsky range of WRK W utilised ammunition on - former regular soldiers, and manually make. In reply to RQ of legal experts the Ministry of Defence has informed that 4 mechanisation of unloading of ammunition the crane and to whom it is necessary - " is allocated; it is strictly specified ".

Instructions supervising and directing

" to Forbid " " to suspend " " strictly to specify " - these words even more often sound following the results of the next state of emergency at military men. (And not only at military men: so, the train of accidents in civil aircraft calls similar reflex reactions.) Meanwhile, the NE professional army commander knows: it is necessary to give the order only when it can be executed. The institute of control over the entrusted division otherwise collapses.

For example to give strict instructions on refusal of manual loading of shells scattered from an old age srochnikami, and thus not to provide final executors with technics, shots, at last, methodical recommendations about the organisation of such WRK is means to provoke people to destroy on places ammunition in the old manner. At own risk, CUZ there is an order on recycling and there is no possibility to liquidate such volumes different ways.