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opposition Actions will negatively be reflected in economy of Georgia - the prime minister

Political opposition in Georgia will have negative consequences 4 national economy, the prime minister - the minister of Georgia has declared Nikoloz Gilauri to journalists, making comments on a protest action of opposition about the requirement of resignation of the president of Georgia of Michael Saakashvili, planned for April, 9th.

" NE political opposition and instability will lead to a unique result - 2 economy easing, loss of investments and workplaces " - Gilauri on Wednesday at a MTG with the Georgian businessmen, organizovannnoj at the initiative of the International Chamber of commerce has told.

Thus he has noticed that " the Georgian economy has transferred many tests and could resist ". ACK to it, according to the prime minister, are Gud economic indicators of 2008 and 1 - go quarter 2009.

" Despite war in August and world financial crisis, to Georgia investments began to arrive, and the bank sector works stably " - has noted Gilauri.

the Georgian businessmen who are taking part in a MTG with Gilauri, have agreed with its conclusions.

" Demonstrations and astable actions can call reduction of business activity and will negatively be reflected in business " - the owner of the company " has declared to journalists of Paata Kurtanidze; AVERSI " to which in Georgia posesses a network of drugstores and pharmaceutical factory.

According to Temura Chkonija, the owner of the company " the Cook - Kola Botlerz Dzhordzhia " " the protest action anyway will negatively be reflected in business, and will have catastrophic consequences 4 its development ". SPK about activity of the company, Chkonija has noticed that " On my business it is not felt yet, but IAE, political instability creates the negative ".