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the Rouble has fainted 2 bivaljutnoj to a basket 2 the middle of environment for 6 copecks

Moscow, 8 apr - News. the Rouble on Wednesday has slightly fainted 2 bivaljutnoj to a basket, 2 the middle of day (on 14. 00 Moscow time) its cost has grown B4 38,65 roubles against 38,59 roubles at opening, the given stock exchanges of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange bear.

On closing of the auctions on Tuesday cost bivaljutnoj baskets made 38,48 roubles, during the day rouble was stable 2 a basket.

As has declared on Wednesday the first vice-president of the Central Bank Alexey Uljukaev, corridor upper bound bivaljutnoj baskets in 41 rouble (established by the Central Bank) has been defined W a stock - 35 - 36 roubles for a basket correspond to the balance of payments more. As he said, in 2009 the rouble has more chances to become stronger, than oslabnut.

a dollar exchange rate calculations " 2MORO " has grown 2 14. 00 Moscow time environments for 4 copecks in comparison with level of opening also has made 33,76 roubles. The euro exchange rate has become stronger by this time for 8 copecks - B4 44,62 roubles.

Such dynamics of currencies 2 rouble is observed on Tuesday against movement of pair euro - dollar in the international market Forex where the dollar rises in price 2 euro. On 14. 00 Moscow time the pair is at level 1,32 dollars for euro against 1,33 dollars on Tuesday.