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Muscovites cannot get under tickets to a delphinarium

Moscow, 8 apr - News. Many Muscovites cannot get on the planned representations in the Moscow delphinarium as from - for changes of owners in a delphinarium have changed the locks, which employees cannot open, the Muscovite who has not got on show on Wednesday has informed News.

" 2DAY we W children have come on representation, we were met by protection. Protection has told that on tribunes, clothes, pools W dolphins there were new locks, and them cannot open. At a delphinarium many groups of schoolboys have gathered. All, of course, were upset " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

According to protection, locks have exchanged literally the day before, and more not all employees in a course of that occurs, and the part of employees already strikes, the Muscovite has added.

" The announcement hangs that on April, 13th in cash desks it will be back possible to RCV money for the bought tickets, but after all many bought them through agencies " - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

Now cash desks of the Moscow delphinarium are closed, to phone to cashiers and a management of a delphinarium of News it was not possible.

" it is possible to come Into a delphinarium, like the cafeteria would work, but representations are not present. Concerning tomorrow of the information is not present, but it seems that 2MORO hardly something will change " - the visitor has told.

Earlier the director of Open Company " the Utrishsky delphinarium " in which structure delphinariums in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi and Kislovodsk, Lev Muhametov declared that delphinarium bills are blocked as a result rejderskogo capture, the signature of the director that has created to employees set of problems, including W purchase of a forage and fish 4 inhabitants of a delphinarium 2 is cancelled.