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Poland increases number of the contingent in Afghanistan

Moscow, 8 apr - News. Poland will increase a national military contingent in Afghanistan by 20 %, informs on Wednesday referring to the statement of the president of the country of Lech Kaczynski France Presse agency.

" We increase our armies by 20 %, including the divisions intended for direct conducting of operations " - quotes agency the statement Kachinsky, made it on joint a press - conferences W the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai.

After a MTG with the head of Islamic Republic Kachinsky, predictably, will visit the Polish military contingent operating as a part of the International forces of assistance of security in Afghanistan (ISAF).

the NATO and forces ISAF being under its command since 2001 perform antiterrorist operation in the country. In it participate about 60 thousand military men from 42 countries, and, according to the USA, a main objective is destruction in Afghanistan threats of the international terrorist network " Al - Kaida " W which movement " is connected; the Taliban " and control transfer to the Afghani authorities.

In the middle of March the Polish mass-media referring to sources in the Minister of Defence of the country have informed on intention of Warsaw to increase the military contingent in Afghanistan on 400 military men, having finished it thus to 2 thousand persons.

However declared Kachinsky the increase in a contingent at 20 % from its current number in 1600 military men will mean a direction to Afghanistan only nearby 320 persons.