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the Parliament of Moldova is completely plundered - the employee of the device

Kishinev, 8 apr - News. the Boardroom and offices of heads of parliament of Moldova are almost destroyed during the mass riots which have occurred the day before in Kishinev, the employee of the device of a legislature has informed on Wednesday of News.

As he said, the question of search of a premise 4 WRK of the device of parliament and its directing bodies is now solved.

Protests of the opposition dissatisfied with results of elections which have passed in Sunday on which the Communist Party headed by the president of the country has defeated, have outgrown on Tuesday in street FU. Participants of FU have crushed parliament and Presidential Administration buildings.

" Offices of the speaker, vitse - the speakers, the buildings of parliament located on the third floor, have been completely plundered. The part of things has been stolen, use subjects are broken, offices were set fire " - the interlocutor of agency on the condition of anonymity has told.

As he said, the hall of negotiations is completely destroyed and plundered a boardroom of parliament, and also offices of the majority of deputies have suffered.

According to the employee of the device of parliament, offices " were exposed to plunder selectively, a part of office accommodations in which representatives of opposition worked, have not been touched ".

Now in a building of parliament and located opposite to working president residence representatives of investigating bodies work. Employees of these departments take out from buildings various fragments and the garbage, remained after pogroms.

the Building of president residence and the government House on - former are surrounded by the strengthened police squads. The building of parliament of policemen has some.

On the area B4 the government House opposition meeting proceeds. Here is nearby 200 - 250 participants and nearby 300 - 400 gapers who walk under the Central prospectus of Kishinev, not far from the governmental buildings.