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the Novosibirsk region has chosen 12 enterprises 4 the help in conversion training

Novosibirsk, 8 apr - News, Dmitry Mikhalev. the Authorities of the Novosibirsk region have defined the list from 12 key enterprises to which support in a kind of conversion training of the employees working in a mode of a partial employment will be rendered, the head of regional department of work and employment of the population Igor Schmidt has informed journalists on Wednesday.

" the Novosibirsk region will RCV 153 million roubles on the program of assistance to employment from the federal budget. W the account sofinansirovanija from the regional budget - 164 million. We already RCV the first tranche one of these days. On this money we carry out advancing conversion training of the workers who are in a mode of a partial employment " - Schmidt has told.

As he said, the regional authorities have not gone on " ways of dispersion of means " And have selected the most significant 4 economy of region of the enterprise which experience economic difficulties. On these 12 enterprises the program of conversion training of workers for increase of their qualification will be realised.

Into the list, in particular, have entered: the manufacturer of generators and Open Society NPO engines " Elsib " (conversion training of 200 persons), the unique coal-mining enterprise of area of Joint-Stock Company " the Siberian anthracite " (500 persons), Novosibirsk metal works of Kuzmin, entering into holding " ESTAR " (300 persons).

" On " Sibantratsite " We will really carry out retraining CUZ in connection with a situation in the coal market, the enterprise had difficulties with realisation of production, and, proceeding from a principle of the maximum preservation of the personnel, more than 500 persons will be trained on other trades that they remained further to work at the enterprise " - the official has told, having noticed that training processes are already started.

All under this program about 2,2 thousand workers of the enterprises of region will pass retraining and will save workplaces at the enterprises, Schmidt has added.

For April, 1st, 2009 more than 21 thousand persons in area work in a mode of the incomplete working day, and 2,1 thousand are in the urged administrative holidays.