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Weather forecasters predict forest fires in Primorski Krai on April, 10th and 11

Moscow, 9 apr - News. the High probability of occurrence of forest fires will be on Friday and Saturday in the south of Primorski Territory, it is contributed by the warm weather established in edge last days, is informed on a site " Meteonews ".

" the warm in Primorski Territory warm and dry weather contributes in fire danger of wood. As the next days in Primorski Krai such type of weather on April, 10th and 11 in a southern half of edge on meteorological parametres the high class gorimosti woods " is expected will be saved; - it is SPK in a MSG.

Northern part of Primorski Krai of heavy fires will avoid, as the snow pall there is saved, have informed " Meteonews ".

last days in southern and western areas of region air gets warm B4 16 - 20 degrees of heat, weather forecasters predict warming B4 plus 18 - 14 degrees in the continental part of edge which are not adjoining sea coast, is informed on a site.