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Simply Red: we want to find new friends in Russia

- the Musical industry has endured revolutionary changes about this period. In 1985 I began with release of vinyl records, this time was 2 the beginning of an era MTV. I then was not the fan of video clips, I was the admirer of music records. And I have started to practise music just because records were then in a fashion.

But then we have passed on D, and video clips during 1980 - h have made years huge impact on all music world. Technologies of record of music - W analogue on digital 2 have changed, samples began to be used, influence of such styles of music, as hip - hop and a rap, based on rhymes and TXTs has increased.

It is the vivid examples of changes in music which we became witnesses last 25 years.

- And how about live concerts and performances?

- By and large, it, perhaps, unique sphere which remained more - less immutable. The part remains approximately the same process what it was in 1985. There were little changes in technologies, as light, but as a whole sensations of the musician on a scene, singing 4 public, remain same.

- And public remained same?

- Yes, I would tell, what yes. The audience remains enamoured of action, in a musical drama so special changes do not happen.

- If to ask parents whom from children they LUV more, they, probably, cannot choose. But if I ask you, what album your the most LUVed, what you will respond?

- I think that here business in the successful songs which record you remained are happy. If to take albums I, perhaps, would choose a plate « Stars » 1991. On other albums there were very successful separate tracks.

Other aspect of this question that you write songs, as pages in a diary. They all are not always equally interesting - one more interesting others.

- In 1999 you have let out an album under the name « Love and Russian Winter ». What has excited you on such name?

- Once I have reflected on what things and the phenomena had the greatest influence on a human civilisation. At that time I have just stopped to read « Feasting » Platon in whom there is a speech of the playwright of Agathon ABT the LUV concept. And this definition of LUV was one of constant bases of a civilisation in the form of poetry, art, music.

And OTOH, I 2 thought of Russian winter has rendered what influence on a civilisation. After all she has played a role in defeats and Napoleon, and Hitler. And how much the civilised world if they were not poverzheny in Russia would be another.

- In Russia many your admirers. Y only one concert of your tour, whereas in Brazil three, in Germany nearby 10, not to mention Australia and Great Britain, where concerts of an order 15 - 20 here will take place?

- We constantly went on tour in the Western Europe throughout last 25 years. For various reasons - social, political - many in our trade on - former consider Russia as the new country.

I hope that our forthcoming visit to Russia will be salutatory, instead of farewell. We go to tell « Hello! » instead of « Good - bye! ». We are very glad to act in Russia and we hope that we can play there still before we will stop the concert activity in 2010. We very much want to find new friends in Russia.

- Besides a concert, what you plan to have time to make in Russia?

- I very much the great admirer of creativity of Anri Matisse, and I very much would like to C Schukin`s collection. I will try to visit as far as possible as much as possible your perfect galleries and museums. I studied the fine arts - by the basic trade I on a broader scale - that the artist, instead of the musician.

- Schukin`s nowadays stored in Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts the Collection, last year has been shown in LDN within the limits of very successful exhibition " From Russia " in Royal academy of arts. You did not manage to look at it here?

- I was on tours. I was not in Great Britain at this time, and I very much was upset.

- you have invited the Russian singer to Valery to participate in your British concerts? This cooperation and what in your creativity of the general is how much successful?

- Both we, and it work much. Public here is very Gud accepts to Valery. 4 us great pleasure to work W it, it very much gains. At it the professional command, W them it is very EZ to work, and I hope, they feel here comfortably.