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the Romanian ambassador will return from Moldova to Bucharest through Odessa - the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Simferopol, 9 apr - News, Dmitry Zhmutsky. Employees of embassy of Romania in Moldova which on Wednesday have been declared the persona non grata, possibly, will return to Romania through the Ukrainian city of Odessa, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko has informed on Thursday.

" Under the preliminary information, the embassy of Romania in Moldova plans to arrive to Odessa 4 the further transition to Romania because how much I have understood, the border W Romania in Moldova is closed " - Lutsenko on a press - conferences in Simferopol has told.

In Kishinev on Tuesday have passed meetings of opposition which have outgrown in large FU. Buildings of parliament and president residence are crushed, from above 270 persons have got wounds. On opposition meetings requirements of reunion W Romania sounded.

the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin on Wednesday has declared that Bucharest is got mixed up in latest developments in the country, and has informed on introduction since Thursday of a visa regime W Romania.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova declared the persona non grata of the ambassador of Romania in Kishinev Phillip Teodoresku and the minister - the adviser of embassy Ioana Gaborjana.