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Fifty " Ours " silently have sat at embassy of Romania in Moscow

Moscow, 10 apr - News. Fifty active workers of youth movement " Ours " have shown discontent with a situation in Moldova where participants of FU have set up the Romanian flag over president residence and, sedentary silent picket joining of this country to Romania demanded from the Romanian embassy in Moscow, the leader " has informed News; Ours " Nikita Borovikov.

" Romania has organised these FU. Actually it is a question of the revolution organisation " - Borovikov has told.

Earlier a press - the traffic department has informed on participation in the action of 200 persons. That fact that 2 a building of the Romanian embassy have come only 50, " Ours " have explained to that " had not time to obtain the permit " on meeting.

" the quantity of people is not important - the presence fact is important. After all nevertheless know that in movement " Ours " not 50 and at all 200 persons " - Borovikov has noted.

As he said, the action has passed QIK and peacefully.

" the Militia has shown vigilance, us have asked to leave. But thanks it, have not for long allowed to express all of us the opinion silent presence " - the leader " has told; Ours ".

As the commissioner of movement Konstantin Goloskokov, " has informed News; Ours " are ready to help to restore to the Moldavian people an order in Kishinev: in particular, active workers have generated " groups of instructors " which if it is required, " will organise civil control over a situation in republic capital ".

" We demand from Romania to stop to support extremists in Moldova. We will not admit a celebration of the fascist orgy menacing to statehood, and, probably, and to the existence of fraternal people " - Goloskokov has declared.

After the termination of action six active workers of movement have gone to pass the letter to the ambassador of Romania in whom they have formulated the requirements: " to stop intervention in affairs of sovereign Moldova, to stop support of semifascist formations on territories of the country and financing of FU " Goloskokov has noted.

Shortly before meeting at the Romanian embassy " Ours " have spent a protest action at embassy of Georgia in Moscow - in support of the Georgian opposition demanding resignation of the president of Georgia of Michael Saakashvili. On meeting to participate in which 2 200 persons gathered, have come only about 20 active workers. The others 180 as confirms a press - a traffic department, " were nearby " But to embassy did not approach, from - for that that " Ours " and on this action had not time to obtain the permit.