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Lukashenko meets in Moscow W patrhom Cyril

Moscow, 10 apr - News. the MTG patrha Moscow and vseja Russia Cyril W the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has begun some minutes ago in residence Patrshej in the Pure lane in Moscow, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

Patrh warmly greeted the honoured guest and has invited him for a negotiating table. Lukashenko has thanked patrha for possibility of a MTG and has added that intends " to tell about position of Russian Orthodox Church in Belarus what problems are and as they dare ".

Further the president W a smile was converted 2 patrhu and has told that Belarus always was close to it, as is between Smolensk and Kaliningrad. " I would like to tell and consult much " - has added Lukashenko.

Patrh Cyril in the salutatory word has underlined that " Belarus - a part of uniform sacred Russia ". The head of Russian Orthodox Church has added that Russia and Belarus are of great importance for all civilisation.

the Parties have left 4 negotiations which, on a MSG a press - services Moscow patrhata, will last about an hour.