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Experts " Airbus " will help to investigate accident in Sudan

. Experts " Airbus " will take part in investigation of circumstances of an air crash at the airport of capital of Sudan where on Tuesday after a landing plane Airbus 310 has lighted up, it is SPK in a MSG published on the Internet - a company site.

" the Command from five experts Airbus will go to Sudan 4 rendering assistance to the authorities " - it is marked in the document.

As informs " Airbus " employees of the company will support to French of Bureau of investigation of aviation incidents (BEA) and to the authorities of Sudan according to the Application 13 " Conventions on the international civil aircraft " (investigation of aviation incidents).

" Employees " Airbus " present condolences to families, friends and relatives of victims and victims in accident of flight SD109 " Sudanese airlines " - it is SPK in a company MSG.

On Tuesday evening the plane " Sudanese airlines " Airbus 310, making flight from capital of Jordan of Amman, has lighted up after a landing under bad weather conditions at the international airport of Khartum. Onboard the aircraft there were 217 persons, including 14 crewmen. 33 persons became victims of tragedy, according to all available information.

Under the preliminary information of embassy of the Russian Federation in Sudan, citizens of Russia in an air crash have not suffered.

As eyewitnesses have told, kindling has occurred in one of plane engines, and the flame has promptly extended on all fuselage. The aircraft has made a successful landing then for the unknown reasons there was an explosion of one of engines.

On a scene rescuers and other services continue to work.

By data " Airbus " The aircraft has been put for the first time the customer in August, 1990. In park " Sudanese airlines " it was since September, 2007. The plane on which engines Pratt & have been established; Whitney PW 4152, has accumulated 52 thousand flight hours.