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Hiddink could not master itself - the psychoanalyst Galina Zavyalov

the Known sports doctor - the psychoanalyst Galina Zavyalov in News interview has expressed opinion that in defeat of Russian national team from Spain in a starting match of the European championship is guilty not only a psychological status of football players.

On the eve of Zavyalov`s game has come out with the assumption that trainers of a Russian team will not have problems W a command spirit on a match against the favourite, and the problem of psychological readiness can be actual more likely 4 Spanish national team. The duel has ended with the bill 4:1 in favour of Spaniards.

" All and has developed, as I assumed, - have declared Zavyalov on Wednesday. - thus anything especial does not happen yesterday, in many respects all has occurred how it was expected. And the command problem consisted not only in psychology, but in the general preparation. Our command has appeared nesygranna, is physically ready not so Gud, as Spaniards ".

" It is necessary to understand that middle tier of professionalism of Spanish national team above, than Russian national team. So it is impossible to do of this defeat of any tragedy " - the interlocutor of agency has added, having explained that in concept of professionalism joins not only skills of game in football, but also and ability adequately to react to an event in the field, not to give in to emotions, to carry out trainer`s installations.

the Big role in behaviour of players during a match is played by the trainer. In opinion Zavjalovoj, in a duel against Spanish national team the trainer of Russians Guus Hiddink could not consult with the emotions that has negatively affected players of the team.

" In my opinion, Hiddink could not master the psychological status, - she has told. Is its behaviour, position of its body, a mimicry gave out. At it the person has been so lowered! Shoulders, corners of lips have been lowered, it has been clamped. All it gave out its discontent with football players, that occurs in the field. And players instantly read out this information, for this purpose they did not need EVN to look at it specially - such status at subconscious level is read out EVN by peripheral sight ".

" All it could urge on only players, but no more that. After all the football player could not understand, with what exactly Hiddink - how he runs is dissatisfied where runs or as beats. In a NE situation of a match the trainer should express support to the command and confidence of its forces. I think, Hiddink over it still needs to work " - has added the expert.

By words Zavjalovoj to deduce the command from a depression status in which it for certain is after a great defeat, trainers do not need to make especial efforts. On the contrary, preparation for following matches should not differ cardinally that has been made earlier.

" Now at the command, certainly, there is a depression from which it is necessary to consult. Thus trainers do not need to apply any superefforts, I think, all of them fine understand that it is necessary to do. It is just necessary to explain to the command in what there were its errors, to personally ANY1 player AGN to tell that it should do in the field " - has noted the expert.

" Here it is impossible to resort 2 any " to a rating " which can deduce the person from a normal emotional background. Otherwise it will simply cease to estimate adequately a situation " - she has especially underlined.

According to the psychoanalyst, one of the Russian national team main tasks on forthcoming matches - to feel the command, a uniform organism, instead of a set of individualities.

" As I already SPK, the serious problem in the command arises, when someone from players proves overzealous. In my opinion, it is necessary to explain to some members of team that their individual actions not always can do good to the command. And not always it is necessary to be torn FWD, thus that other command simply does not keep up with you. It seems to me, in a yesterday`s match some our football players trespassed with such actions " - has declared Zavyalov.

the Known sports psychologist it is assured that the command should estimate really itself in the field and show that level of game which it possesses at present.

" Above a head after all all the same to jump it will not turn out at anybody and never, - she has told. - and estimating itself objectively, you always have possibility gradually to lift a lath, to raise the professionalism ".

" Our football players need to be adjusted on leaving in the field and to do the WRK. Not to SPK itself that " I the superstar, I now will tear all " And simply to carry out that set of actions which are given by the trainer " - the interlocutor of agency has concluded.

for Euro - 2008 Russian national team will spend the Second match on June, 14th against the command of Greece.

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