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Failure on an oil well on Kuban yet does not create ecology threat

Failure on an oil well in Slavyansk area of Krasnodar territory yet does not create ecology threat, informs on Wednesday a press - service Severo - the Caucasian multi-region management on technological and ecological supervision of Rostehnadzora.

On the night of Wednesday during carrying out of repair work on an oil well belonging to Open Society " Krasnodarneftegaz " located in four kilometres from the Kuban farm Hankov and in 500 metres from the river Kuban, there was a failure.

" this failure yet does not represent Ecological danger. (From a chink) there are emissions water and gazopeschannoj mixes: water settles on a soil surface, gas dissipates in air " - it is SPK in a press - department release.

it was initially informed that from a chink there is an emission of insignificant fragments of oil. However, a press - the service has specified that now " Emissions of oil products on a place of accident it is not observed ".

As representative Severo - the Caucasian multi-region management, " has specified News; while threat of ecology is not present, but the situation can change ".

Experts carry out the analysis of a gassed condition of air, is added in a press - release.

Azovo was connected To finding-out of causes of accident on an oil well - the Black Sea nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor, the representative of nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor has informed News.

" the Nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor has established that on Wednesday at 01:15 Moscow time there was an oil well demothballing " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

" Now in a chink repair work in which result the object will be anew preserved " are made; - he has added.

" In a chink natural accompanying gas contains, therefore now there are no bases to assume presence of essential harm to ecological conditions of Slavonic area " - the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has assured.