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Books of Aitmatov have given to XX-th century realism " popular wisdom "

. The world culture, the modern literature, Kirghizia and its people have suffered huge, irreplaceable loss, is SPK in the official obituary concerning demise of the national writer of republic Chingiza Ajtmatova.

Chingiz Aitmatov has died on 80 - the m to year of life overnight in clinic of the city of Nuremberg where it was hospitalised W sharp nephritic insufficiency in the middle of May.

" our great contemporary - the writer of a world scale, the great son of the Kirghiz people " Has left from us; it is marked in the condolence which was signed by heads of the Kirghiz state, and also leading politicians, art workers and republic sciences.

" CHingiz Aitmatov on a boundary of centuries - one of the most readable modern writers of the world. Its books are translated to more than 170 languages, published by the general circulation over 60 million copies. They became an integral part of process of education and society education, have entered into programs of schools and universities of many countries of the world " it is SPK in the document.

In the obituary it is noticed that novels and to lead the writer " became event of world cultural value " having given to social realism of the XX-th century " popular wisdom, philosophical force and psychological depth ".

Readers and critics C in Aitmatov " the artist of contrasts " creatively connected the different art systems, considering person in reciprocal relationship with all social factors and a current of the world history, reason believing in final victory and good.

Films and performances on products of Chingiza of Aitmatov have made separate bright page in the history of a multinational cinema and theatre: " Dzhamilja " " the First teacher " " the Parent field " " Ascension to Fujiyama " " And longer centuries day " lasts; " the Executioner`s block " W success go on screens, scenes of Moscow, Istanbul, Sofia, the Uhlan - Batora, Warsaw, Bucharest, Prague, LDN, Tokyo, St.-Petersburg, Bishkek and many other cities of the world.

" Light memory of great son Kirgizstana Chingize Torekuloviche Aitmatov will for ever and ever be saved in memories of the Kirghiz people and its creative heritage will be the precious contribution to universal culture of the world " it is SPK in the communique concerning demise of the writer.