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In the south of Lebanon army fast

to Troy unknown persons on the night of Thursday is fired have fired from automatic machines at fast of the Lebanese army at an input in the camp of the Palestinian refugees located in the south of the country " Ajn an ale - Hilve " having wounded one officer, informs local TV channel " Al - Manar ".

Military men, it is SPK in a MSG, have opened reciprocal fire on attacking, one of them is killed, one more is wounded and subsequently is arrested. For the third malefactor who managed to disappear, search.

For last two weeks it already the second attack on the Lebanese military men in vicinities " Ajn an ale - Hilve ". On May, 31st at one of army fasts near to camp the unknown person has been shot, trying to put in action " a belt of the condemned man ". The person attacking is not established till now, as the documents found at it have appeared false.