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Greece ratified the Lisbon contract

Athenes, 12 ijun - News, Alexey Bogdanovsky . Parliament of Greece   ratified on the night of Tuesday the Lisbon contract, called to reform EU, in the conditions of nervous expectation of a referendum on ratification in Ireland where opponents and supporters of the contract make about equal odds of success.

For contract ratification 250 deputies of unicameral Greek parliament, against - 42 have voted, eight did not vote, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

contract Ratification was supported by ruling centre-right party " New Democracy ". The official parliamentary opposition in the name of Vsegrechesky socialist movement (PASOK) though has voted for, but has demanded to take out a question on contract ratification on a referendum similar to volume that will pass on Thursday in Ireland. This offer was not accepted.

Against fractions of Communist party of Greece, the Left-wing radical Union and the National orthodox appeal have voted.

the Contract on reforms (the Lisbon contract) urged to replace the project of the European Constitution which country leaders of EU have decided to refuse after expressed to it Frenchmen and Dutches of mistrust on national referenda in 2005. The Lisbon contract partially changes the contract on EU and the Agreement on EU education. Unlike the project of the Constitution which was necessary for taking out on a referendum, the contract can ratify and parliaments of the countries.