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the Modern art will present in the Russian Jewish museum

the modern art CTR will open on Thursday in a historical building of Bahmetevsky garage in the street It is exemplary in Moscow, in territory of a projected Russian Jewish museum (a tolerance Museum), has informed News a press - the secretary of Federation of the Jewish communities of Russia (FEOR) Mark Zenger.

" Unlike the basic exposition of the Russian Jewish museum in which the general image of the Jewish civilisation throughout all its history and in various geographical areas will be recreated, the CTR collection will be urged to show an originality and mammon of modern Russian art " - has noted Zenger.

As he said, CTR opening should contribute in that the museum platform already now becomes recognised and popular among a considerable part of cultural community of Russia.

While in Bahmetevsky garage the part of meeting of the CTR of the modern art will take place only. It is supposed that completely the CTR exposition can be C in September.

" the Area of a building of the Bahmetevsky garage, making 7,9 thousand square metres, will allow to place in it EVN such massive installations of artists, as, for example, " the Red car " (1991) " - representative FEOR has added.

the structure of the new CTR will include library, lecture theatre and cafe. Excursions 4 schoolboys and students, the lecture courses devoted to studying of the Russian modern art, and a practical training 4 adults and children under the direction of known Russian artists will be led there.

the Russian Jewish museum will open in 2010. According to FEOR, it should become the CTR of tolerance initiating contacts between representatives of the different people and religions.

" In a museum conditions and a tribune 4 international and mezhkonfessionalnogo dialogue will be created. Thereby the museum will bring the contribution to struggle against xenophobia, anti-Semitism, nationalist and racial prejudices " - representative FEOR has concluded.

Michael Piotrovsky, the director of the Moscow house of a photo will take part In presentation of the CTR of the modern art in territory of the future Museum of tolerance Olga Sviblova, former head Roskultury Michael Shvydkoj, the actress and director Renata Litvinova and other art workers the director of the Hermitage.