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Japan and Russia intend to strengthen contacts in the field of the law and order

the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliev and the state minister of Japan, the chairman of the State Committee of public security of Sinja Idzumi (Shin ' ya Izumi) at the MTG which has taken place 2NITE on Wednesday have CFMed with intention of both countries and further to exchange opinions and the information concerning illegal traffic in arms, kradennymi cars and illegal export of false medicines.

As has informed News a source in the State Committee on public security of Japan, the special ATTN at a MTG has been given questions of safety during a MTG of leaders of eight basic world powers at lake Toja on northern Japanese island Hokkaido 7 - on July, 9th.

Heads of departments of two countries have once again CFMed with readiness to give each other data on extremist groups of antiglobalists which would like to prevent successful carrying out of the summit " The eights ".

Vstrecha Rashida Nurgalieva and Sinja Idzumi has taken place on the threshold of opening of session of heads of the Ministries of Internal Affairs, justice and Offices of Public Prosecutor of the countries " the eights " which will pass in Tokyo 12 - on June, 13th. It will be organised by In common national police administration and the Ministry of Justice of Japan.

measures on prevention of the crimes made in a status of narcotic intoxication, worldnet creation on struggle against the international organised crime and sexual operation of children become the Main subjects of plenary sessions and bilateral MTGs fight against terrorism.