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Polices of Serbia will prove that has caught searched MTBJU the fugitive

the Person detained on Wednesday in vicinities of Belgrad as Stojan Zhupljanin whom the International tribunal across the former Yugoslavia (MTBJU) searched on charge in war crimes, asserts that it not for whom it accept, has informed a press - service of District court of the Serbian capital.

the Arrested person is in one of pre-trial detention centres of Belgrad. On interrogation after capture the suspect has declared that it - not searched MTBJU the fugitive, and absolutely other person. Now the Belgrad inspectors have 24 hours taken away under the law 4 ACK of the person of this person.

the state lawyer Igor Pantelich Appointed to the arrested person has informed journalists that " this person " it is represented the person by name of Branislav Vukadin. In the presence of the defender from it took blood 4 DNA - the analysis and have finger-printed. The lawyer has noticed that results of check become known on Thursday, and the person of the man eventually will be established.

As the Office of Public Prosecutor on war crimes of Serbia has informed earlier, on Wednesday in the city of Panchevo near Belgrad is seized 57 - summer Zhupljanin. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and special services of Serbia participated In special action. Over the action the public prosecutor on war crimes Vladimir Vukchevich supervised. At detention the prospective military criminal of resistance has not rendered.

During war in Bosnia in 1992 - 1995 Zhupljanin was one of the high-ranking Serbian commanders in the Onion city of Banja. It is accused of crimes against humanity and infringement of laws and customs of war from - for made by Serbs in the north of Bosnia of murders, tortures, prosecutions on religious and racial motives, destructions of cities and villages and plunder of property of peace representatives of Muslim and Croatian communities.

Charges against Zhupljanina have been put forward MTBJU on December, 17th, 1999. Together with Ratko Mladichem, Radovanom Karadzhichem and Goran Hadzhichem, it was included into number of the most searched MTBJU military criminals.