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Scientists of the different countries will take part in scientific conference in Yakutsk

Known paleontologists and geologists from the different countries of the world will take part in XIII international conference of working group on jarusnomu to division kembrija the international subcommittee on cambrian stratigrafii which will pass in Yakutsk, the representative of the republican ministry of a science has informed News.

" Conference is spent at the initiative of the Russian scientists and supported by the minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev, Federal agency on nedropolzovaniju, the president of Yakutia Vyacheslav Shtyrovym and the Russian Academy of Sciences " - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

As he said, in the letter to the president of republic Trutnev, having thanked for support and the help in organizational questions, has underlined that " all best cuts kembrija Russia are located in territory of Yakutia " also that " Conference will essentially raise a rating of the Russian geologists in the opinion of world geological elite ".

Conference will pass in Yakutsk from July, 20th till August, 1st.

" Scientists will discuss the Russian standards of definition of geological age of sedimentary rocks on matelah coastal adjournment of the rivers Lenas, Aldan, Youngly, natural park " Lensky columns ". Cuts of the adjournment bared on these rivers of Yakutia, most full characterise rannekembrijskuju an epoch in the history of the Earth " - the representative of the ministry has noted.

Importance of a problem consists that early kembry (542 - 513 million years ago) - a formation epoch on the Earth skeletal animals and biodiversity occurrence. According to scientists, in territory of modern Yakutia during that epoch has appeared about 1000 kinds of animals and plants.

" Our republic is interested in positive results of scientific workings out in connection with forthcoming nominating of natural park " Lensky columns " in the list of the World cultural and natural legacy of UNESCO. We hope that researches and discussions will yield serious scientific results, and conference will bring the mite in studying and preservation of the unique nature of Yakutia " - the interlocutor of agency has added.