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The car choice has been in many respects connected with childrens dream &mda

The car choice has been in many respects connected with childrens dream — still then the design of the car made upon me strong impression. Had possibility to buy and more expensive car, but a choice stopped on Skoda. Thus thoroughly was interested both characteristics, and opinion of owners in respect of a car practicality. At body visual inspection at once paid attention to a thickness of a zinc-galvanised steel. In this plan I in general have been inclined to « to German » to a direction. Here an example: any vandals potsara ­ fell a paint on a body up to metal, but even rust traces in this place did not appear. As to a complete set it was necessary to be limited base — at that point in time only it was available, and to wait the car « under the order » time was not. Otherwise would add heating up of seats and stabilisation system. And here absence of the air conditioner I concern easy. The climate at us is that that its use is limited to pair summer weeks, and in the summer I prefer to move on a motorcycle.

initially considered a variant with the engine of 1,4 litres, but after test drive chose 1,6-litre. In my opinion, it optimum: 1,4-litre it is rather weak, and with volume 1,8 litres « bites » both on fuel consumption, and under taxes. And what claims if on Octavia well proved motor from VW Golf IV is used can be! At active driving in city conditions the motor spends no more than 10 litres for 100 km and if to avoid plugs it is possible to keep within and 7,5 l. On a line even speed in 130 km/h can be carried to an economic mode. And here the gear box does not allow to forget youth which has been connected with otechestven ­ nymi cars: indistinct algorithm at which quite often you do not get to the necessary drives. And if speech came about lacks, I should note work of brakes. They progno ­ ziruemy, but at ekst ­ rennom braking the pedal should be pressed into a floor simply. It was possible to go by Ford Focus and on Citroen Berlingo, and comparison not in favour of Skoda which brakes remind ours « more; to ten ». There are and more annoying enough trifles. On the second year of operation glasses started to jingle, and after run in 12 000 km the drivers seat started to creak. As to the last dealers a guarantee case it do not recognise, but for a day ­ gi are ready to make lubricant of knots. And more about a drivers seat which simply is not necessary for distant trips: there is no resetting in the field of a waist. And the last that, probably, it is impossible to consider as a serious minus, but me as I live out of town, it delivers certain inconveniences. At high enough ground clearance the skirt of a front bumper is located very low, and in the winter in a track works, as if a grader knife. Here, perhaps, and all defects, also are sense to return to advantages.


fine work protivotumanki, built in the block of headlights, — excellent adjustment on a corner helps at night at passage of turning movements. Also it is very happy with luggage compartment volume. Being engaged in cross-country race, without problems I transport in a luggage compartment not only equipment, but also wheels.



the interesting fact:
Version Tour is issued since 1995, and the design of an exterior did not change. It also bribed me...

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