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High penalties for infringement Rules road dvizhen

High penalties for infringement Traffic regulations – it is not so actual. Deputies the State Duma the Russian Federation plan to enter new norm of punishment - lifelong deprivation of the rights steering of a vehicle, informs Rosbalt.

to consider a question on punishment toughening for infringement of traffic regulations deputies intend shortly after return on the workplaces after summer vacations. Already in the beginning of regular session the committee on the constitutional legislation brings a package of amendments in the Code about administrative offences and submits to the bill consideration of deputies GD.

In a new wording KoAP is planned to increase penalties for excess of speed, crossroads journey by forbidding signal of a traffic light, departure on a strip of approaching traffic and driving in an alcohol intoxication.

All it already found reflexion in last editions KoAP . However, deputies GD consider that it is not enough of it. They suggest to enter lifelong deprivation of the rights and vehicle confiscation for regular infringements of traffic regulations (probably not for any, but only that can lead to the heaviest consequences – for the same « vstrechku » for example).

That else? The Councillor of Federation Vladimir Fedorov suggests to increase the penalty for moving of a stop line with 100 to 500 roubles, and the chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov – for a disconnect signal of turning movement.

deputies justify the « cruelty » in relation to motorists care of their safety, resulting figures on cutting-down of cases of death rate on country roads. Drivers, in turn, see in intention of deputies to hoist penalties desire … To peel them it is even more and, thereby, to solve at the expense of automobile owners of a problem with filling of local budgets and pockets of bribe takers from among representatives of a state traffic inspectorate.