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Where there is that thin side between the spacious passenger

Where there is that thin side between the spacious passenger versatile person and a compact cargo van? Peugeot Partner does not give answers to the brought attention to the question as this car perfectly approaches under both these categories. The increased road gleam and protection of a motor compartment allow to feel more confidently at movement on the Russian roads. Knowingly Frenchmen declared this car multi-purpose venom. It can represent itself as the assistant on business or on serene Sunday to take out; numerous family on the nature with necessary volume of load.

two versions of execution of Peugeot Partner allow to choose a complete set to taste and requirements. The cargo van looks not strikingly, but it is extremely hardy and unpretentious. Additional 130 mm of width in comparison with the previous version allowed to expand useful space essentially. The passenger version much more komfortabelna also is pleasant to a sight. However, and its price is a little above, and spaciousness of a load box essentially more low at the expense of presence of additional passenger armchairs.

passenger Peugeot Partner of the first generation is accessible till now in the Russian market in version origin. It is completed with the 1,4-litre engine capacity of 75 h.p. and a 5-step mechanical gear box. In the list of options – atermicheskoe a windshield, two rear window leaves, warmed seats for passengers of a front number, sdvizhnaja a lateral door, adjustable seats, airbags.

passenger Peugeot Patrner of the second generation has officially been presented in January, 2008, and on the European roads the car appeared on May, 5th the same year. To distinguish new model from old, in some markets including in Russia, a novelty renamed into Peugeot Partner Tepee. Domestic motorists have choice possibility between two 1,6-litre motors: Petrol capacity of 90 h.p. and diesel the same mozhnosti. In both cases mechanical transmission from a 5-step check point is offered.

the convenient sliding door allows to make landing and loading without any inconveniences as opens almost to level of medium height of the person. Well and the main advantage « the Partner » — almost 3 thousand litres of volume of a luggage compartment under a roof at combined rear passenger sidenijah. For convenient seating of passengers and cargo each armchair has own resettings, and separate boksy under a ceiling allow to place necessary additional small luggage.

registration and the device of an interior new Peugeor Partner does not concede to furnish of cars of good level. Available are available both cruise-control, and the on-board computer. Rain sensors, light, pressure in tyres on the panel of devices allow the driver to be in a course of that occurs to the car always. Depending on a complete set it is offered to six airbags and dvuhzonnyj climate control.

a situation with klnirovaniem Peugeot Partner in the market repeats and with the commercial version. Pervopokolenchesky Partner Origin VU and model of following generation Partner VU. New Partner VU it is presented in two variants. One differs from another in the size a body and, accordingly, in load box volume.

in a variant with a short body length « a luggage compartment » it is insignificant – only 1,8 metres, however, combining section seat Multi-Flex the owner receives already 3 metres useful prostrantstva. For dlinnokuzovnoj the version the sizes presented above 2,05 - > 3,25 m. Thus the maximum width of a load box makes 1,62 m. the load-carrying capacity of the short version Declared by the manufacturer makes 625 kg, long – 850 kg.

Unloading and occupancy is facilitated as much as possible thanks to as a part of Peugeot Partner VU of the dissymetric rear doors and sdvizhnyh the lateral.
engines for new commercial Partner VU – petrol and diesel a working volume of 1,6 l and capacity of 90 h.p. Engines are harmless and possess low toplivopotrebleniem.

For the first time in a class of compact commercial vans the three-local front seat is presented. However, the three-local configuration thanks to system Multi-Flex easily and simply turns in double, and, the lateral passenger seat can be combined completely (for transportation dlinnomerov) or to transform a back to a convenient little table.