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Where? Where there were my eyes and mind those half a year from summer till winter when I looked narrowly at the car

Where? Where there were my eyes and mind those half a year from summer till winter when I looked narrowly at the car to which to me so would like to replace my old Opel.

that I only did not reconsider proceeding from obligatory requirements of my family to a new car:


Koreans, Chineses, Uzbeks and nashemarki flew away at once. I do not want. All the same I at the wheel! Modelki a B-class too (they are small for four us).

While thought-guessed, looked, searched for the credit program with digestible conditions, there came winter. Opel died definitively, and to go on something it was necessary. We with the wife it is a little more poprepiralis rather pravorukoj second-hand Toyota also stopped on Iran Khodro Samand.

In the sizes impressed. The luggage compartment was huge. Its legendary French past (it is made on the basis of Peugeot 405) installed some confidence. I went to bank to make an application on the credit and while stood in a queue, received a call from the wife with valuable instructions (« And here I here Nissanchikv a magazine saw, Note is called - go, look ») .

Anything about it without knowing, making affairs in bank, went to interior - the blessing nearby was. Found the specified unit. Inspected outside, like all to requirements corresponds, but small. As in it with our economy to be located. And probably behind a place it is small. And a luggage compartment...

Here the manager approached to me: « What, it is pleasant? » - « yes, here only it is small... » - « And you sit down in the Example. » I about myself thought: « Well I will sit down, all the same money for it precisely is not present ». Villages. The good car. But to feet (I growth of 186 sm) places am frank a little at completely removed seat. « Korotkovat » - I speak to the manager. And it does not lag behind: « And now go in Note sit down, it is opened ». All right I think, all the same the decision about Samand is already accepted me.

Villages. Also did not believe. A raccoon (as it we then nicknamed) PLACES FOR FEET MORE. But it already. In a head zapljasali cheerful chertiki « And that if indeed... No... ». Here I decided to mock at the manager: « Yes, in front perfectly. All on a place also I sit perfectly. And here behind at you even the child hardly is located - between seats of feet not to push ». - « Minute » the manager told and something clicked in a luggage compartment. I again... Already is not present, was not surprised, simply was stunned, when villages « behind itself » - I did not get knees to a drivers armchair of centimetre 4.

already big half me shouted - to the Raccoon to be!!! « all right, I speak, means in a luggage compartment of a place is not present in general! » « Here is, if it is necessary » - the manager speaks and shows demountable regiments and developing seats. « well, then, means there is this all so many that I will not have not enough budget! »

« and you what complete set want? » the manager asked and stretched a leaflet. I chose Luxury - with the air conditioner and other vkusnostjami, but without the automatic machine, a control climate, protivotumanok and a white metre panel. The price pleasantly surprised $17300. I remembered that for the same money others offer much poorer complete set. And this quite suited me. Where an ambush? And! Here where! It available is not present! And to wait half a year, and the car is necessary to me that is called « yesterday ».

I Again did not guess. Guessed menezhder: « All is. Though now pay and leave. Colours on a choice » Here I already broke and absolutely forgot even about that I exceed ours with the wife the plan for three and a half thousand dollars.

further all passed very quickly. The deposit. The credit and our car. Here 9 months it does not cease to please us. The excellent review. Remarkable head light. Good roadability and manevrennojst (you do not believe, in what places I am able to park now)! All of us are very happy with the Raccoon.

Capacious the Raccoon appeared is direct not on the external sizes. Unequivocally into Opel Omega sedan I load not could so much. On the sizes of interior Nissan, certainly already, but, unequivocally, at length the interior is not less.

working costs in times more low (and that - gasoline on a line on 100-120 km/h he eats 5,7 litres on one hundred! And in a city for 8,5 does not get out), and taxes now more low almost in 4 times. A trifle, and it is pleasant.

now I became attached to miniveins (and only so I can name a body of the Raccoon!) . Recently went on THAT in interior. Went to inspect Tiidu. It of even more Raccoon.

thought that it will be our following car. But is not present! And she lost on open space of a drivers place at length! Somewhere centimetre on sensations.


interesting features of your car:
it is unexpected for such high car it is pleasantly steered. Neither a wind does not blow off on open places, nor the swing any is not present. Krasotishchshcha. And polihachit it is possible. 160 on a line holds so confidently that not very much and rulit it is necessary. And places in it it is valid much.


the Revealed lacks:
There is no possibility to block all doors, so that they could not be opened from within (is not present either electric, or mechanical « uvulas » as by many cars). Only on the rear doors there is a blocking from children. And still glasses automatically do not rise at closing of doors from a regular charm.
the machine easily becomes soiled.
and at it a strange rear suspension - too korotkohodnaja, therefore « thumps » on potholes.
the noise isolation is rather weak.



the general estimation of the car (from ten points)

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Road performance


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