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Somewhere the lawn-mower &hellip very far cracks; To noise

Somewhere the lawn-mower &hellip very far cracks; To noise of work of the one-cylinder engine of this simple unit got used all. Everything, since grandmothers and finishing small children, know: if such unit somewhere chirrs, air in district means very soon will be filled with freshness, and the grass on a lawn becomes similar again to a carpet from a drawing room. But here strange business: favourite aroma is not felt, even if the wind blows from outside « a mowing » and a lawn-mower, judging by an accruing sound, bear in our party. Yes what there bear, with it simply run. Yes so it is bright that behind pylishcha a column. Even an instant, and all clears up. The settled cloud shows to our look something similar to an armature dump, but thus with castors. Doubts are not present, it baggi .

Interceptor 250 GTR arrived to us from China. But it is not working out of the Chinese companions. There assembly, and its present native land &mdash is organised only; America. Carter Bros Mfg., Co., Inc., whose child also is Interceptor 250 GTR, — one of the oldest and largest companies-manufacturers of sports cars baggi. Its family tree began in 1967. Since then the company exhausted more than 1,5 million units of such technics, and today its production is on sale in 21 country of the world. Now Interceptor reached and us.

that represents this « an interceptor »? As well as at any car of such class, as a basis of all at Interceptor the spatial frame frame serves. In the rear on it the one-cylinder four-cycle 20-strong engine of water cooling is established. It is assembled in a single whole with a variator, therefore does not look is so bulky, as could. In the same place costs and 18?литровый a gasoline tank. Last, alas, has no gauge of level of fuel, and to check up presence gorjuchki it is possible only simple antiquated mode — putting a twig in a mouth. Or by mathematical calculations. Knowing that average fuel consumption at baggi 10 litres on one hundred, and seeing run on the odometer, to make it too it is simple. By the way, the odometer, a speedometer and a tachometre at Interceptor the digital.

Generally, with an electrical equipment at it baggi everything is all right. As well as any other high-grade car, it has both an electric starter, and marker lights, and high-grade headlights, and even number illumination. Yes-yes, number illumination therefore how to maintain it it is possible, only passing preliminary check in in traffic police and receiving motorcycle number board. Well, and further or to go on category courses « And » or safely to leave on public roads if that already is available.

by the way, rear-view mirrors at Interceptor as well as at a motorcycle — are insignificant. However, at desire it is possible to establish and « salonnoe » the mirror, a place is. As it is possible to supply the car and an awning. In this case driving in wet weather will be not so is burdensome.

but to go on highway by such car somehow it is not so pleasant. First, curious aim to undercut or be squeezed closely more close to consider. And secondly, on a line on this generator of adrenaline there is simply nothing to do. Boring and monotonous driving not for it. And here pozazhigat on a sand or to be worn on wood paths — it quite another matter! As the open body and low landing do magnificent speed even in 60 km/h. The main thing not to play. No to turn over on Interceptor it is difficult — a track wide, and the centre of gravity is low. And here not to be entered in turning movement as easy as shelling pears. A front part at the car actually weightless. Not strongly it make heavier and krossovki the driver and the passenger in this connection at maneuvering on high speeds Interceptor possesses a strong understeer, and to it it is necessary to be ready.

however, it is necessary to be ready and to that, prepare you to get to itself such toy, be ready to lay out for it 270 000 roubles. Superfluous 270?000. Yes, also do not forget to add to this sum also cost of pair helmets. After all without them to steer this vehicle and to be its passenger it is forbidden. A category « And » after all.

In comparison with usual car Interceptor, of course, simply samodvizhushchajasja a carriage. Shakes strongly, to noise it is a lot of, moreover and the wind howls, however sensations from driving inexpressible, especially if to move on it on a cross-country terrain.


Anything superfluous, all is utilitarian and to banal is simple. However, despite this drivers seat has longitudinal resetting.
Comfort to comfort rozn. However if to take in attention that on this vehicle it is possible to move confidently on strong enough impassability it is quite possible to count it comfortable.
it is clear that about ka ­ kih systems without ­ dangers here speech does not go. And still for the class Interceptor it is quite possible to recognise safe in view of a strong framework.
the price

Merits and demerits

+ Good flotation ability, easy steering, small fuel consumption, possibility of lawful movement on public roads.
- the high price.

technical characteristics

Mark and model - Interceptor 250 GTR
Dimensions - 2340/1620/1541 mm
the Engine - petrol, 249,4 sm3; 20 h.p. at 7000 mines-1
Transmission - automatic, besstupenchataja
Dynamics - max speed of 95 km/h, n/d with to 100 km/h
Competitors - are not present

Our opinion

Undoubtedly, Interceptor GTR 250 very interesting copy. However to consider it as really high-grade vehicle it is impossible understandably. But if you have possibilities priebresti it as a certain toy you can be envied. First, not cheaply, and secondly, to play enough in it it is almost impossible.