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Yes, alphanumeric NP-300 sounds any more so terribly, as

Yes, alphanumeric NP-300 sounds any more so terribly, as Navara. From it smells slightly of conventionalism and utility. And on the other hand, than still should « to smell » from the usual auto truck. After all as a matter of fact Nissan NP-300 — it is the auto truck, though also small, but with the present all wheel drive. And the people aimed at its acquisition, should understand it accurately. Behind severe shape of a pickup not less severe stuffing which main destination to deliver you and your cargo from point « disappears; And » in point « » with a minimum of comfort and the maximum practicality. However, about a minimum of comfort we, of course, bent it. Despite front independent torsionnuju and a rear dependent leaf suspension, NP-300 it appeared not bad adapted both to driving on a cross-country terrain, and to usual daily trips on asphalt.

our acquaintance to car began on parking of the dealer. In expectation of test drive engine NP-300 rigidly threshed on the raised turns, carrying after district a specific sound of not heated-up diesel engine. Usually diesel engines have single turns less, and here thousand one and a half, not less.

the solution of not ordinary phenomenon waited for us in interior. To please to fast warming up of the motor engineers supplied the car with a special key which hoisted turns of the engine to so unusual heights. The decision how much not trivial, so and disputable. On the one hand it is, of course, pleasant, when the engine quickly reaches the worker rate ­ ratury. And with another … From experience it is known that quickly to warm up the diesel motor it is possible only under loading, that is in movement. That, as a matter of fact, also proved to be true subsequently. As it wailed, but in an operating mode left only after we passed 5 – 7 kilometres. By the way, after that noise from engine work became much less, and its only insignificant part got into interior.

in general if to speak about the noise getting into interior ­ gru ­ zovichka on its this indicator it is possible to compare to cars safely. And the interior is quite comparable with them both on comfort, and on equipment. Certainly, the high floor caused by presence of a frame, brings easy discomfort, but it occurs only first, and then to low seats get used. And here to what to get used in any way nel ­ zja, so it to not ­ udob ­ stvu landings to a back row. Each time when we bildredaktor sat down or got out from the second row, it necessarily remembered engineers a strong mot. Yes, and here still that. Be ready to that, it appeared in interior Nis ­ san NP-300, you as if will be transferred on decades ago: interior design « it is modern » to the midpoint 90.

However all « inconveniences » about which there was a speech above, fast leave on the second plan as soon as you get under way by the car in a way. Despite the dimensions and impracticality of a suspender to deliver a sheer pleasure from steering, to move on NP-300 on public roads it is possible without special pressure. 2,5?литровый the turbodiesel easily enough disperses almost two tons of the equipped weight, and also allows to support high rate of movement without effort. By the way, turbine characteristics are picked up so that its presence by the car practically is not felt, and the engine pulls exactly actually at any turns. As to the maximum twisting moment it becomes already accessible from 2000 turns. Slightly afflicted us and a steering. Reactions to actions of the driver, of course, are not lightning, but also frankly late them will not name. In general, all in reasonable frameworks with caution on features of a design and mission.

the field travelled all over by tractors — than not a place to check up « mission » cars. For ­ videv per ­ vyj « convenient » congress after the journey, naprav ­ lja ­ I am eaten to it. The slope with an abrupt downslope as well as possible approaches to make sure in « correct » a ground clearance both front and rear svesah the car. The handle of elections of work of transmission occupies position « 4H » and we fall down after the journey in a ditch blocking to us a way to the further adventures literally. Given way under weight of the car ice already was forced us to see to it to sitting down on the bridge, but before business
is not reached. Groping wheels more or less firm bearing part and roaring the engine, NP-300 jumped out of a trap literally. Before to sit down on bridges, remains very little. Absolutely, but it is not enough to take unawares the car which ground clearance makes 230 mm.

well, the pickup passed this test smoothly. And what with tjagovitostju? The semibecome limp ground aims to take prisoner our experimental, however the sufficient twisting moment and rigidly connected front bridge together with quite good winter rubber provide to the car quite good flotation ability. It is not necessary in hundred ­ rone from this action and the self-blocked rear differential — both wheels thresh with full kickback. In general, and with this problem of Nissan NP-300 consulted without tests ­ lem. It was necessary to check up only gru ­ zopodemnost. However anything podho ­ djashchego near at hand, weight in ton, at us it did not appear, in this connection decided to trust in the manufacturer. Tone ­ well so tone ­ well, eventually on other indicators they наc did not deceive.

it is favourite — The Body, of course, korotkovat is not favourite

, however, this lack is easily eliminated by otkidyvanija the BACK HEADER. The main thing — it is reliable to fix cargo. it is solved

by This KEY turns dvigate ­ increase; lja idling to please to the fast warming up, one ­ to the diesel engine quickly only in movement gets warm. it is disputable

it is quite dynamical and predicted. The suspender &mdash is quite good also; the car not kozlit even without cargo. Flotation ability above all praises.

Ergonomics at level. To ­ hundred ­ it is precisely spacious. From inconveniences it is possible to note only landing-vysad ­ ku in the second row.

Quite good shumo ­ isolation. It is better to refuse a regular audiosystem: sounding on troechku.

In the standard two front airbags and ABS.

the Price
Attractive to the given class of cars.

merits and demerits

+ Good flotation ability, tjagovityj the motor, marvellously decent shumo ­ isolation.
- the Nevazhnetsky regular audiosystem, inconvenient landing to the second row of seats.

technical characteristics

Mark and model - Nissan NP-300
Dimensions - 5090х1825х1720 mm
the Engine - a turbodiesel, 2488 sm3, 133 l. s./4000 mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 5?ступенчатая
Dynamics - max 168 km/h
Competitors - Mazda BT-50, Mitsubishi L200

Our opinion

is doubtless, Nissan NP-300 the price &mdash finds the buyers, After all on a parity; Quality it just is at level of the direct competitors. Yes, its interior not so « it is heaped up » as could be. Yes, in it not so it is comfortable because of a specific cargo suspender, but it is capable to pass there, where mno ­ gie even will not be put, and to take aboard so much, how much to much and did not dream.