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December in the heart of Moscow on « GUM-skating rink

December in the heart of Moscow on « GUM-skating rink on Red Square » the first took place ice session of Audi . Clients, friends and admirers of the stamp among whom stars of the Russian show business and sports, rose on the fads under the invitation of the well-known German manufacturer!

on Saturday « GUM-skating rink on Red Square » became a place of the first winter meeting of friends and clients of Audi which number invariably includes stars of the Russian show business and sports. This day owners of invitations from Audi Russia went for a drive together with the known boxer, the participant of the project « the Glacial age » Bones of Tszju, popular TV presenter Danoj Borisovoj and vi-dzheem Archi. More than 250 visitors of Audi could plunge into the pleasant and friendly atmosphere reigning on the main skating rink of the country this day, poftografirovatsja with stars (then to use images as wall-paper for a workmount).

the First ice session of Audi was visited also by Yana Hohlova, the champion of Europe of 2009 in dances on ice, and actress Xenia Alfyorov. Guests were photographed against exposed near to a skating rink a novelty of a lineup of Audi – 5 door coupes A5 Sportback, also thought of desire at a New Year tree from Audi Group Design, decorating territory GUMa.

For the visitors Audi Russia company prepared the special program of entertainments. So, besides free hire of the fads, friends and admirers of the stamp could receive a master class from trainers Bosco Di Ciliegi and improve skills of figure skating. To have a rest and be warmed between exits on ice it was possible in cosy cafe where to visitors offered sweets, hot and cold drinks. In the end of ice session trainers Bosco chose winners in several nominations, including « the Best pair on ice » « the Most young figure skater » « the Pro » « The beginner on ice » and also « the Most stylish figure skater ». Memorable souvenirs from Audi have been handed over all lucky beggars.

after productive leisure in the open air all interested persons could exchange impressions on terrace O2 lounge & bar in hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. Visitors treated with tea, sandwiches and the original sweets executed in stylistics of Audi. For the smallest the special dessert &ndash has been prepared; hot chocolate with cookies.

« GUM-skating rink on Red Square » in more than 3000 square metres – one of the most favourite places of winter rest and entertainments for Muscovites and visitors of capital. As the sponsor of the project this year Audi Russia company &ndash acts; old partner Bosco Di Ciliegi and the Trading house of GUM. An ice platform the fantastic wooden small town with warm locker rooms surrounds, cafe, shops and hire of the fads.

in coming 2010 on ice « GUM-skating rink on Red Square » there is a novelty from Audi – A5 Sportback: the school of drivers skill quattro prepares special demonstration performances. During arrivals which it will be declared later, A5 Sportback shows fine roadability and readiness to cope with any, even the most slippery road carpet.