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Deputies of the State Duma heard appeals «

Deputies of the State Duma heard appeals « the people » to relieve Moscow and regions from spetssignalov, the officials established on cars. No, members of parliament are not ready to refuse yet to heads of the ministries and departments, and also their assistants and the nearest assistants use of the given privilege. But to limit them in its application – very much even!

« Dark blue buckets » in Moscow brought some result. Let only preliminary, and still! the deputy of the State Duma from party « an United Russia » Anatoly Ivanov brought in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences (KoAP) in which demands to bring the norm, allowing to use flashing majachki on office motor transport (to engage them) only in that case when this measure demands performance of the urgent office task on which life and health of citizens depend.

that is « the urgent office task » in KoAP it is told nothing. To open and explain this definition the Government of the Russian Federation is called. The right to establish an order of acknowledgement is given to it by the driver of an office car of necessity of performance of this most office task.

it is thought up well, written cleverly. Reaches badly. Especially for those who, according to the future orders and government instructions, will find out where the high official, and what for to it for this purpose engaged « goes; a flasher ».

Basically, anything it is difficult. Acts of terrorism, natural cataclysms, technogenic accidents … the List of the reasons on which the official of this or that department can hasten into place for the decision of the problems connected with life and health of citizens, not so is great. However, whether there are drivers and, the main thing, and h the high-ranking passengers to follow principles which are put forward by the deputy of the State Duma Ivanov.

it is a high time to learn about sanctions for Code infringement about administrative offences concerning unauthorized use flashing majachka. The driver who has engaged « a flasher » without the weighty bases on that, loses the rights for the term from ones and a half till two years. In amendments also the case of compulsion also is provided from the official demanding from the driver to use flashing majachok needlessly. In this case that official should be fined on 20 thousand roubles.

amendments to the bill provide also a measure of responsibility of the person who have not given the right of primary journey to the car with engaged spetssignalami. That is, action - to undercut or block the car with the engaged flasher – also provides administrative punishment. But only in the event that spetsavtomobil carries out that « the urgent office task ». Otherwise, the driver of the last who have taxied on a strip of approaching traffic … Further all is simple. About administrative offences for the present nobody cancelled Code effective standards.