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The director motor industry department

The director department of motor industry of Minpromtorga Alexey Rakhmanov declared to the correspondent of radio station « Echo Moscow » about possibility of returning to the domestic market of brands « a Moskvich » and « the Seagull ». What sense in restoration of manufactures, completely « died out » in a re- and postreorganization years? If the scenario of development of the Russian car industry means its national independence, in this case last should develop from 4 to 15 new platforms and manufacture of 16-20 new models.

Alexey Rakhmanov believes that in forces of the state to grant the desire of a great number of domestic motorists, which nostalgirujut on the car « a Moskvich ». As he said, to create a brand from zero it is more difficult, than to restore it (truth, official Minpromtorga spoke nothing about that, it is how much difficult « to restore a brand from zero » – a comment red. 5).

About « to a seagull » conversation special and in a greater degree it concerns decisions of a management of Gorki car factory which should solve independently, whether it is necessary to restore a brand or not.

And well ka, expensive readers, remember, what else there are in national history automobile brands, pochivshie in heavy crisis years of the Russian (Soviet) economy! Help the Russian car industry! And it of anything that are completely lost the assembly areas, technologies and accompanying manufactures (are destroyed). In the government say that vostanavlivat old brands are always easier and cheaper, than to create new …