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The director safety Department doro

The director Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Victor Kirjano in declared to the correspondent « Messages » that idea, which « soars » among legislators and the officials responsible for safety on roads, about a lifelong excommunication drunk drivers from possibility to steer the car, has the bases to find a kind of the legislative initiative.

in other words, director DOBDD the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not deny probability of occurrence in KoAP the amendment, toughening punishment for steering of a vehicle in a condition alcoholic intoxication . Up to lifelong deprivation of the rights .

« Clearly that with pjankoj and drugs it is necessary to finish » - Victor Kiryanov declared. As he said, strengthening of responsibility of drivers for the given kind of infringements already led to that the quantity of road incidents with participation of drunk drivers was reduced in the country to 40 %.

Head DOBDD considers that the probability of a full and irrevocable excommunication of the person from the right of driving affects situation improvement on roads even more. As he said, legislators can consider such possibility and find that way out which will be the most rational and correct.