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Discrimination on a sex sank into oblivion

Discrimination on a sex sank into oblivion (at least, it would be desirable to believe in it), but the settled stereotypes do not give as before rest to our compatriots. One of such prejudices - opinion that the woman as the driver, is worse than the man. On some usages. And the statistical data specifying that women has less often accidents, rather than men — it is not counted! The stereotype so strongly became stronger in our consciousness that should take place a lot of time before the true will be recognised and accepted by community of motorists.

nevertheless, the fact remains: in the big Russian cities a word combination « the autoinstructor the woman » becomes more and more popular. The consciousness of people changes, and potential drivers in increasing frequency prefer as the instructor in driving the woman, rather than the man. In what the reason of such change of creation and leaving from standard stereotypes?

the Nature put in the woman function of the continuer of a sort bringing up and cultivating posterity, despite of complexity of a task in view. The woman on the mission possesses such important qualities as firmness, softness and tolerance. That, in turn, is a basis of qualitative training to driving. Thus, the autoinstructor the woman approaches those beginning drivers who prefer appeasable character and the regular form prepodnesenija the information (teaching material). The instructor in driving – the woman, never loses self-controls and it will be polite to specify in errors, irrespective of frequency of their repetition.

following advantage of which the instructor in driving &ndash can brag; the woman in comparison with the stronger sex, — the charm involving in of pupils-men. That a sin to conceal, the man can select for itself the autoinstructor the woman only because it seems to it the bright, beautiful person. On the other hand, the instructor in driving – the woman as it is attractive and to beginning drivers of a feminine gender, but for other reason. Communicated to representatives of the weaker sex who selected for itself the instructor the woman, it becomes clear that the choice has been made because of similarity in thinking. As not to the lady it is better to whom to understand the notorious female logic? In this sense the choice of many schoolgirls-girls is obvious.

and last incontestable fact: the autoinstructor the woman - the same high quality expert as well as the man. Well at least because it has the same set of the certificates, granting to it the right to carry out teaching activity such. Really, women pass the same examinations for examination and skills of driving, as men. Prejudices aside, ladies and gentlemen! The woman the instructor – too the person! Even can, more professional than its colleagues-men.