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For the present Russian adoring fast driving and road

For the present Russian adoring fast driving and road adventures, Altai — it is a find. To begin that roads here rather specific. Quality quite situated near Moscow asphalt — on troechku that is — suddenly changes broken shchebenchatym a grader diving on ridges and passes which so unexpectedly passes in ideally smooth flat highway where it is possible to heat on all money. The traffic police blessing does not get into such distance, preferring to patrol rather brisk Chujsky path — local « Rublevku ». But, it appeared, there are on Altai things and it is more terrible than GAI officers. The large horned and artiodactyl living creatures as it appeared, at all are not afraid of cars. For me the solemn exit of a white horse on a carriageway became a bolt from the blue. Still a second ago the noble animal pinched from time to time a grass in five metres from a road shoulder, but here the horsy easy and grandly paces on the asphalt, assured of the correctness, as the pedestrian on « to a zebra ».

Emergency braking did not help: almost with 200 it was possible to dump only to 140. On such speed rerate performance borders on suicide, but the choice was not. The most interesting began then. In reply to wheel Patrol turned out to the left not vzbryknul, did not begin to sweep a tail and even did not tilt almost, and it was obediently reconstructed on vstrechku, it is literally in centimetres missed each other with a white horse. It would not be desirable even to guess that would happen, it appear I in such situation at the wheel previous Patrol …

The matter is that already the retired flagman go-anywhere vehicle of Nissan most of all resembled on severe, but slightly crude adventurer. Vnedorozh - nyj the arsenal of olden time Patrol impressed — That disconnected antiroll bars cost! But matchless out of roads, Patrol suffered mediocre roadability on asphalt, and it is even more — simple-minded interior and equipment not holding out to premiums-standards. The such farmer in jeans and bajkovoj to a shirt on reception where it is accepted to be in a dress coat. It is no wonder that sales of model against the main contender of Toyota Land Cruiser did not impress.

now all differently. Even outwardly the seventh generation Patrol looks like 200?. And as differently, if main designer of it ispo ­ linskogo vsedorozhnika call Tajdzi Toyota! But if it is serious, Patrol, soche ­ concealing in vnesh ­ nosti firm lines « nissanovskih » go-anywhere vehicles, resembles the main competitor in width of scope. « Stejtment » it is painted at it on a physiognomy: the huge radiator enclosure generously poured by chrome, apparently, is ready to swallow any competitor. At all 20? cast disks, length for 5 metres and effective rear optics on light-emitting diodes less impress.

equipment level even the standard ­ ache complete sets it is made on prin ­ tsi ­ pu « all inclusive »: from leather kre ­ villages from veins ­ ti ­ ljatsiej and heating and trehzonnogo climate control to the chamber of the district review and Russian-speaking navigation on 8? the display with funktsi ­ to it tachskrin. Fine, certainly. But whether character of the present adventurer for which was famous Patrol previous generatsy was lost behind stacks of electronic toys and a curtain from the cow skins?

the Question not idle as the car lost odes ­ ache from the main lines of the go-anywhere vehicle-professional: beams-bridges were replaced by an independent suspension on a circle. And into place rude, but to effective disconnected stabilizers the modern hydraulic system of restriction of fluctuations of a body &mdash came; HBMC.

Well, the Altay roads helped to understand that to what. From close contact pieces to a white horse, I believe, I was saved by the firm hydraulics saving the maximum coupling effort of wheels with road and minimising lateral lists. System HBMC is good also on rubble and a pebble where Patrol allows to support is simply unreal high speed for an artful covering.

on highway the car also is at all uncontrollable. Thanks 5,6? petrol V8 capacity already 405 l. With. Certainly, 6,6 seconds to hundred, promised in passport data, — it is too optimistical, but 8,5 – 9 seem quite real. Submits also comfort level: the car phenomenally conceals sensation of speed.

certainly, 7? the go-anywhere vehicle generation concedes in really rigid impassability to the predecessor — it is clear even from the decreased corners of congress and entrance. But it is the reasonable price for lots of other talents. Lets consider that the brave traveller decided to take care of the own life. After all the fitness studio, free cheeks from a bristle and noble aroma of expensive cologne do not prevent to remain to it the professional.

the great master

At the heart of the car more rigid, than at the predecessor, lonzheronnaja a frame. The minimum road gleam makes 275 mm, and thanks to the giblets drawn to the bottom the go-anywhere vehicle can overcome without preparation ford to 700 mm. Besides, at the beginner powerful enough underdrive — 2,679, and also mechanical blockings between ­ axial and rear interwheel differentials. Steering of transmission All Mode 4x4 is carried out with the help mahovichka, close to selector AKP. Ringlet turning movement the drive gear type &mdash changes; from rear (2WD) to full with the underdrive (4WD L). Besides, button pressing it is possible to choose one of four modes: « sand » « Asphalt » « snow » or « stones » accordingly adjusting work ESP and protivobuksovochnoj systems, and also regulating speed of the response to gas pressing. Did not manage and without the assistant at troganii in a hill and systems Hill Decent Control.



It is favourite — it is not favourite

Unlike navigation, the Board-COMPUTER MENU is not Russified. it is strange

RESERVED FOR FEET at passengers of a sofa on 92 mm more than in Land Cruiser 200. it is free



For so dimensional and heavy car Patrol it is obedient on highway and it is good there where roads come to an end.

the Sofa amazes interior with open space, but some elements of furnish are borrowed at cheaper models of Nissan.

the Car perfectly well conceals Comfort speed, and the motor does not annoy even on the maximum speed.

Six airbags and lots of the up-to-date systems of active safety guarantee the maximum protection.

the price
New Patrol for 21 000 rbl. is cheaper than all Land Cruiser 200.


Merits and demerits

+ the Reliable roadability, a rich off-road arsenal, a spacious sofa, the richest complete set.

- thoughtful AKP, blikujushchy on the sun the on-board computer display, the high price.


technical characteristics

Mark and model - Nissan Patrol Y62A
Dimensions - 514019951938 mm
the Engine - petrol, 5552 sm3, 405 l. s./5800 Mines-1
Transmission - 7-step, automatic, hill-climbing gear reduction ratio 2,67:1
Dynamics - max 210 km/h; 6,6 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Mercedes-Benz GL500


Our opinion

New Patrol became absolutely to another: it is more, more magnificently, more powerfully, without ­ opas ­ it and it is more convenient than the predecessor. But sa ­ my main thing, thanks to much uluch ­ to sewed behaviour on asphalt, to magnificent equipment and on-prezhne ­ mu impressing flotation ability it is quite ready to hunting on toyota Land Cruiser 200.