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For breakdown susceptibility drop on roads are developed and ustan

For breakdown susceptibility drop on roads various electronic systems the safety helping the driver in driving are developed and established by cars. One of them – ABS (the antiblocking system) - urged to give to the driver possibility to save driving in case of an emergency stop (braking) in any situations and, thereby, to prevent a possible emergency by an exception of probability of uncontrollable slippage. As appears from its name, the antiblocking system prevents blocking of wheels of the car at the moment of braking.

the first engineering workings out of antiblocking systems for safety of planes at landing appeared in the twenties last century. In due course this theme became actual and in motor industry. Patenting invention ABS in 1936, German firm Bosch many long years improved system before mass release of the corresponding equipment began. However, the first electronic devices completed with analogue processors were the expensive in manufacturing and did not possess high reliability. Since 1978 with the advent of digital ABS the era of the devices interfering full blocking of wheels at braking began. The first who tried on on itself(himself) the first digital ABS; there were Mercedes-Benz cars. However, only to order, as the additional equipment. Presently in the USA, Europe and Japan ABS enters into a complete set of the car as an obligatory (base) option.

in 2010 company Bosch plans to begin release of new, more advanced model of antiblocking system. It malogabaritna, its weight about 1,1 kg. The novelty from Bosch can be established on any types of cars.
So system ABS in the car is necessary? Whether it can prevent the most part of failures on the road, anyhow connected with necessity of emergency braking? Perhaps to refuse its installation easier, relied on a private experience of driving or on availability of autospare parts (in case of failure) in the market? Really, presently in the market it is possible to get any details on replacement: whether it be autospare parts « Audi » « Toyota » « Chevrolet » « Honda » « Ford » or « the Harmony ». And still to choose an option with ABS (if the antiblocking system is not necessary in a basic set) will be more reasonable decision. Especially, for the beginning driver. So, Renault company experimentally proved that presence ABS in the car on 20 % raises safety at driving, and at competent use of system by the skilled driver – on all of 45 %.

Than can help ABS on road? In an emergency when the driver, instinctively pressing on a brake pedal, blocks wheels, the car equipped with antiblocking system, remains steered and avoids drift.

indicator ABS on an instrument board lights up at inclusion of ignition and dies away in some seconds after a starting engine operation. If it is shone at the working engine, it is necessary to address for explanations (and, probably, repair) in car-care centre. In the same place, if necessary, also it is possible to get and necessary accessories: spare parts « Toyota » « Audi » « Honda » « Ford » and for cars of other known stamps.

drivers notice that use ABS interferes with fast deterioration of tyres, raises term of their service. System ABS is reliable in use. Protected by safety locks and special relays, electronic blocks seldom fail. Most a weak spot are the gauges located on wheels. But at correct operation the system will long serve. Necessary preliminary treatment and repair always can be executed, addressed in car-care centre where, except necessary diagnostic procedures, it is possible to reserve also spare parts « Honda » « Audi » « Toyota » and for cars of other firms-manufacturers.

the system can be disconnected, thus brakes will work regularly as before. On some models « Audi » for this purpose there is a special button on a metre panel.

system ABS - the reliable assistant to the person driving and bearing all responsibility for a road situation. However, always it is necessary to remember that any electronic system only helps to supervise the car on road. Observance of Traffic regulations – the main thing that enters into a zone of responsibility of the driver.