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Debt – this sacred! In « age-old » we say lies

Debt – this sacred! In « age-old » times put the debtor in a debt hole. Today such methods of struggle against the people who are not repaying debts to the state, are unacceptable. State structures in our country introduce more effective and refined modes of a refund.

since recent time of the debtors evading from payment of debts in state treasury, ceased to exhaust abroad, automobile owners began to catch in streets and in places of registration of vehicles. Today high ranks in to Federal Agency of court enforcement officers warn the Russian Federation malicious neplatelshchiko in that of them will deprive (to limit in use) a driving licence.

to stop the driver on road and to select at it the rights only that it did not pay the penalty of biennial prescription, employees of traffic police cannot. For search of malicious debtors dresses will be connected to them (brigades, crews &ndash as before; as them there), consisting of employees FSSP. But also those do not have right to, that here so, extrajudicially, to deprive of the person on half a year or for a year of the drivers licence. To limit the special rights of the debtor it will be possible only on the basis of the judgement. I.e., stopping the driver on road and defining in it the malicious defaulter, « the GAI officer » and it « the workmate » in the name of the court enforcement officer select at it the rights, in exchange give out the time permission. To return the drivers licence to the driver it is necessary in court. But make it it can only when pays off with debts.