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Long to wait for itself I did not force. A signboard « Cars

Long to wait for itself I did not force. A signboard « Cars and spare parts KIA CEED » faced my eyes already in half an hour after to me called from interior.

it is difficult to pass words of sensation of the person which once passed from the category « zhdunov » in a cohort of the elite, those who already presumes to inhale this unique, almost divine smell of interior of the new car. And it is precisely impossible to describe the feelings which have seized me when after half-hour turmoil in interior, I saw approaching on a zone of delivery the car. My car!

acquaintance to it passed dreamily. Around any people constantly ran. One asked something to sign and pay, others, seeing in me the beginner, gave numerous advice, showed work of devices, pressed buttons and twirled by cursors on a front panel … All it was outside of my perception. Here there were only we – I and my brand new Kia cee ’ d.

To ours with it to acquaintance one and a half year. In this time my relation to the car only improved. No, were, of course, and the unpleasant moments, but them was so a little what change pictures as a whole they could not – I blew off motes from the « the Korean ». And all anything, but …

So it turned out that at a crossroads the driver « the Zhiguli » roughly breaking traffic regulations and all principles of logic, broke redock my beloved « SIDa ». A result – the broken front bumper, a front left side panel, a radiator enclosure, a front left headlight and a cowl.

further all as usual – a pair of clocks of expectation of GAI, then long efforts on vykolachivaniju insurance payments. After finding-out of relations with insurance, without postponing, began to be engaged in search of necessary details. As repair decided to do at the good acquaintance, all needed to be bought most. Not that that spare parts SID - the big rarity in the market, but popotet was necessary. Bypassed some large shops of spare parts in the area, went in Kuntsevo. Found almost everything, but in different places, something even it was necessary to wait for 2 weeks.

decided to look on the Internet. Practically at once found a bumper for 5600 roubles, a side panel for 3800 roubles, a radiator enclosure for 1800 roubles, a headlight for 4500 roubles and a cowl for 9000. Made the order, and next day took away all spare parts CEED from shop in Marino. For all laid out percent on ten less than on same Kuntsevo.

Brought details to service, and a week later took away the car. To carp there was nothing – the car was as the newcomer, a trace of that meeting with « the Zhiguli ». Now, after the lapse of a month, that failure already also I do not remember, as though there was no it at all.

P.S. And here to you my council: do not hurry up to run in shop behind spare parts. Through the Internet it turns out and is cheaper, and faster. And the order take away already assembled, without painful circulations on dirty pavilions. And repair at the good acquaintance if that is, allows every chance not to be upset further because of inadequate quality of the executed works.