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Expensive automobile owners! You consider that established vlast

Expensive automobile owners! You consider, what the penalties established by the authorities are too high for you? Prepare for the worst. Legislators city parliament of St.-Petersburg prepared for you an unpleasant surprise. Certainly, under the stamp « care of people ». They decided to leave in the State Duma of the Russian Federation with next the bill « About modification and additions in the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences ».

That the Petersburg power wants from the power federal? The same, that and earlier – to assign to ordinary motorists care of filling of the regional budget. However, if the rate of the transport tax in the subject defines legislature of the subject (in Petersburg, as it is known, it one of the highest in the country), penal sanctions for infringement of traffic regulations defines the federal legislation.

what trifle? If it is impossible to hoist penalties for infringement of traffic regulations exclusively in Northern capital why not to leave upward with the legislative initiative regulating the sanctions against infringers on all country?

in the bill offered by group of Petersburg members of parliament, it is offered to increase the penalty for journey by a traffic light prohibiting sign (or the traffic controller) with 700 to 2000 roubles. And for movement on sidewalks (izhe with them – to bicycle paths) – to deprive of a driving licence for the term up to six months.

do not want to give to the pedestrian the movement right of priority (for example, on a noncontrollable pedestrian crossing), all right to lay out in treasury of 2000 roubles or to check in regional department of traffic police the drivers licence for the term up to six months. If to consider that now last variant of an offence managed to the uncompromising driver in 100 roubles, it is possible to be surprised only bloodthirstiness of the Petersburg legislators concerning the Russian drivers.