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It accepts any rhythm of life: mad bit of a megacity,

It accepts any rhythm of life: mad bit of a megacity, a pulsation of streets, dramnbejs plugs or whining howls of a deserted wind and sad steppe silence. Its key character trait — universal organichnost, its trump — the timeless classics. It — it is new flagman KIA Mohave which should provide to the stamp a free admission in segment E-SUV, an ancestral lands of full-size off-road cars. The car which promises to finish definitively stereotypes about bjudzhetnosti and srednestatichnosti a brand.

this project KIA bore not one year (the first-born became Detroit kontsept Mesa the sample of 2005) And for the first time successfully tested it in 2008?м on the United States where already serial version left under name Borrego. In Russia the off-road car is known as Mohave. The name too poorly explainable, but etymologically clear: so call the Californian desert where the stamp proving ground settles down. But it, perhaps, unique occasion to meditations: in the rest the car extremely « it is transparent ».

First of all, quite justified by the rate of founders on classical appearance. For today many design copies are broken about aversion « ekstravaganzy » target audience. Therefore the verified laconicism of lines and simple proportions only successfully underline integrity of an image, improving the general perception of model. Especially valuably that the severity of registration of an exterior which does not depend on autodesign orders of the day, gives Mohave 100?процентную individuality and a long urgency.

On envy and riches of private world of the car. By tradition, of course, all depends on level of equipment, which in the Russian market whole five. The rear-view camera screen in salonnom a mirror, adjustable pedal knot, steering tube adjustment in two planes, heating up of seats of the second row, multimedia system with navigation and DVD and pleasant optitronnuju illumination of devices SuperVision in a basic set not to receive. But even from the most simple variant not to take away convenience it is good profilirovannyh the seats, quite good visibility, excellent ergonomics and a competent noise isolation. And the main thing — spaciousness. At length of 4880 mm the car has an impressive wheelbase — 2895 mm. Caused by car dimensions the free space allows to overcome without ceremony movements the big distances all sitting in interior. Rather not bad it is possible to be arranged even on the third row of seats. Naturally, to the detriment of a payload capacity: In 7?местной variations luggage compartment volume only 350 l. Here only it is necessary to approach to a road carpet selectively to support comfort level at height.

in steppe with roads there are no problems — there simply there are no roads. In normal understanding. Therefore to estimate smoothness of course KIA Mohave it was possible in all beauty. Standard springs rigidly enough fulfil roughnesses, aloud stirring up rear passengers. The pneumosuspender thanks to which the driver can hoist or lower the rear end on 40 mm simple pressing of the button becomes the saving blessing optsionalnaja. But also it has a by-effect. On high speed pneumoelements simply have not time to blank out body fluctuation, and, getting in « an antiphase » with the next pothole, aspire pripechatat a nape to a ceiling.

and here weak sensitivity of a wheel in okolonulevoj to a zone at in-line motion attempt in such conditions becomes the blessing. The car to keep on a trajectory easier. In other cases the steering frame Mohave though it is traditional not bleshchet an excessive sharpness and differs ease, provides « respectable » feedback, giving clear enough picture occurring to wheels. And more about bad roads against which at an off-road car the pair « is laid up; priemchikov ». In usual life the rear-wheel car with front wheels automatically connected if necessary, KIA Mohave allows to involve compulsorily a mode 4х4 or the depressed number easy turning movement « krugljasha » resettings. Electronics distributes a twisting moment through a clutch, and also helps on liftings (HAS) and at descents from mountain (DBC).

At last, engines which in the Russian palette is available two. Unperturbable in the bottom range of turns 3,8?литровый benzino - vyj the motor, « coupled » With 5?ступенчатой AKP, develops quite decent 272 l. With. And 362 nanometers. But all, as it is known, is learnt in comparison. On sensations he considerably loses 250?сильному to a turbodiesel in volume of 3,0 l. With., but already with 6?скоростным the automatic machine. The peak twisting moment in 560 Nanometers reaches last already at 2000 mines-1. Responses to gas — instant, and dynamics — almost « gun »! And under the expense diesel is more modest: all the same 12 litres of solar oil against 15 gasolines on 100 km on a line. So, KIA Mohave became the first serial model for more than semicentenial history of the stamp which on own example showed modern slogan Рower to surprise in operation. It is a pity, but at all merits of an off-road car it has one insulting lack. The trust to the stamp while extends, basically, on buyers of mass cars. Therefore KIA it is necessary to pray only. To pray, that Mohave did not become a monument Russian « zashorennosti » in the relation « quotations » a brand.

it is favourite — Lever KP in « is not favourite

; a neutral » turning movement « hollow disks » — and the all wheel drive works in the mode necessary to you. simple manipulations with seats &mdash are easy

Some; and capacity of a luggage compartment grows to 1675 litres. it is volume

With a multifunctional steering wheel to distract from road it is not necessary. it is safe

Insufficient for an off-road car you will not name neither dynamics, nor intensity of braking, neither roadability, nor manoeuvrability.

furnish Materials not everywhere « pull » on ljuksovost.

the Main thing — Not to neglect recommendations concerning speed of movement on rough sites of road.

the Frame, « pillows » and set of active safety systems encourage.

the price
Quite to itself sredne ­ market, but all cars « go » 2010 modelling years.

merits and demerits

+ Classical design, tjagovityj and the economic diesel engine, « skorostrelnye » automatic machines, an all wheel drive, capacious interior.
- a rough skin of seats, « penetrative » a suspender.


Technical characteristics

Mark and model - KIA Mohave
Dimensions - 4880x1915x1810 mm
the Engine - diesel, 2959 sm3, 250 l.s./3800 mines-1
Transmission - automatic, 6?ступенчатая
Dynamics - 190 km/h; 9,6 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero 4, Nissan Pathfinder

Our opinion

company KIA enters a segment of full-size off-road cars new to fully armed. The car is comfortable in steering, is economic, spacious and possesses quite good possibilities on conditional impassability. Appeal of model the 5-year-old guarantee and low probability of stealing add.