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If I did not see own eyes hardly believed

If I did not see own eyes hardly would believe that the versatile person with a semisports suspender and prominajushchejsja one finger plastic protection of a crankcase is capable of the such. Hanging out wheels on steep descents, failing in foundation ditches and with a roof filling in the car with a dirt of deep pools, we fearlessly went on impassability storm, let and artificial, but as much as possible approached to the real. Though about « fearlessly » I told lies: in the line beginning there was a fear to hush up thresholds or to make « ears » on the next slope. But already after pair obstacles there was a confidence that Audi A4 allroad quattro all on a shoulder.


hardly the owner of such car, being in sensible mind, it will be put on impassability even in half of that we passed in Offroadpark. But he can be assured: if such necessity arises, « oll ­ road » does not bring. And though the novelty from Ingolstadt does not have any compulsory blocking of transmission, and twisting moment distribution between shafts is supervised by usual self-blocked differential, the car has the quite good off-road potential caused, including, the road gleam increased to 180 mm. And our test car be put not in highway rubber, and in « zubastye » tyre covers, it could show and more impressing results of flotation ability.

but the most important thing that Audi A4 allroad quattro is the versatile person in the widest sense of this word. With the same ease from which this car storms impassability, it is capable to iron the left number avtobana for the speed for two hundred, pleasing the driver with dynamics, a road-holding ability and roadability, and passengers — a comfortable suspender and low level of noise in interior. And thus « ollroad » in total on four hundreds euro is more expensive than usual all-wheel drive Audi A4 Avant!

In Germany the prices for a novelty begin about 38?950 euros. There is a base version with a diesel engine 2.0 TDI (170 l so much. With.) and 6?ступенчатой MKP. Besides systems ABS established by default and ESP, 6 airbags and an all wheel drive, from regular options such car will have 17-inch cast disks, rejlingi, protivotumanki, washers of headlights, climate control, CD-player and an electric bench hammer. Test versions have been packed more richly: here and interior with furnish from a skin/alkantary, and 3-zonnyj « a climate » and audiosystem Bang & Olufsen capacity in half-watt, and adaptive ksenon with light-emitting diode strips « dimensions » and radar cruise-control …

Besides 2,0?литрового a turbodiesel offered only with « mechanics » and equipped with system « start-stop » to Audi A4 allroad quattro also are accessible petrol turbomotor 2.0 TFSI (211 l. With.) and a turbodiesel 3.0 TDI (240 l. With.) . For these units it is possible to reserve 7?ступенчатую robotised KP S-tronic (analogue folksvagenovskoj DSG) with underwheel « petals ». In a combination to hi-tech transmission these engines transform the car into the present sport car, providing dispersal to 100 km/h for 6,9 and 6,4 seconds at average fuel consumption of 7,1 and 8,1 litres accordingly.

golden mean

Shown in the beginning of 2000 the versatile person of Audi A6 allroad quattro became the first serial off-road car of the stamp. « a highlight » this car there was the pneumatic suspender, allowing to regulate a road gleam in limits from 142 to 208 mm that considerably increased off-road potential of model. The ground clearance size was set by the driver, but thus with a view of safety, and also for improvement of roadability and reduction of aerodynamic losses electronics automatically « pressed » The car to the earth in process of a set of speed. The similar suspender was applied and in the second generation A6 allroad quattro, appeared in 2006. However similar « navoroty » cost expensive, therefore in more accessible Audi A4 allroad quattro the usual spring suspender is used. At a choice of a road gleam for this model it was necessary to search « golden mean » which would allow to provide good flotation ability of the car, but thus did not worsen its road performance on high-speed lines. As a result the additive in 37 mm to a road gleam of Audi A4 Avant became the conciliatory proposal for Audi A4 allroad quattro.

It is favourite — it is not favourite

REJLINGI are a part of the standard equipment of model. stylishly

17-inch « MOULDING » also enters in « base ». the Practical RUBBER TROUGH &mdash is rich

; « a wrong side » covers of compartment for a spare wheel. it is practical



Excellent road performance is combined with « vseprolaznostju ».

it would be possible to put and 5, if not confused steering of media system MMI which cannot use « blindly ».

Worthy class models « a premium ».

In last series of kresh-tests Euro NCAP Audi A4 sedan earned five stars. At A4 allroad quattro the result should be not worse.

the price
All for 400 euros is more expensive than the versatile person of Audi A4 Avant in a similar complete set.


Merits and demerits

+ the Increased road gleam, good flotation ability, excellent options of the chassis, powerful and economic turbomotory, the attractive price.
- difficult steering of system MMI.

Technical characteristics

Mark and model - Audi A4 allroad quattro 2.0 TDI
Dimensions - 4721х1841х1495 mm
the Engine - diesel, 1968 sm3, 170 l.s./4200 mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 6-step
Dynamics - max 213 km/h; 8,9 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Volvo XC60, Mercedes-Benz GLK

Our opinion

Pleasing with high level of comfort and fine road performance on roads with a firm covering, the novelty of the company of Audi possesses inclinations of the present off-road car. Taking into account an insignificant price difference between usual versatile person A4 Avant and « vsedorozhnym » A4 allroad quattro, the latest model has every chance to become one of the Russian best sellers of the stamp.