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If to look at the car outside, it is possible to feel

If to look at the car outside, it is possible to feel power proceeding from it and integrity of character. It gives absolute confidence of its road performance. « aggressive » appearance does the part. The side panels acting much more strongly, than at the basic model, contain 18-inch wheels and do the car slightly more stocky because of what he resembles on prepared for a jump of a predator. The cowl is allocated with powerful sides. Aerodynamic parametres of a body raise at the expense of bumpers and spoilers of a special design. To appearance Mazda3 MPS also give to originality « soaring » fog lights. The general athletic, but, at the same time, the elegant concept of an exterior of the car elements of a weather-cloth and desjatispitsevye create wheel disks from a light-metal alloy.

workmanship of interior – above all praises. It is finished black with a red proline. It creates atmosphere of unique refinement and sports spirit in interior Mazda3 MPS.

each detail of the car on a plan of developers should reflect « athletic character » Mazda3 MPS. There was no exception a control panel and separate elements, as that: the lever of a gear box finished with a skin, the pedals executed from an aluminium alloy, and the panel of thresholds of the doors, made of noncorrosive steel.


Mazda3 MPS is dispersed from a place to 100 km/h for 6,1 with that is very impressing indicator. The maximum speed of the car makes 250 km/h. Mazda3 MPS well answers the helm on the most difficult sites of road at the big speeds.

the secret of high dynamic indicators disappears under a car cowl – engine MZR DISI with a turbo-supercharging a working volume of 2,3 litres. Well matched and magnificent roadability of the car which allows to use to the full its possibilities concerning small weight.

the special attention by car working out has been given a twisting moment. The engine perfectly responds thanking « flat » to a regiment of an impressive twisting moment which stands out it in any mode of behaviour.

sounding of final system is essentially processed. It received « athletic » notes that corresponds to sports character of the car, a suspender and the braking system of the car in the spirit of Zoom-Zoom.

Mazda3 MPS it is equipped by a six-step mechanical gear box which provides steering of energetic power « athletic » cars, and also promotes increase of smoothness of a course and profitability. Especially it affects in a driving mode on high speeds on a long distance. Gear box Mazda3 MPS thanks to built in trehkonusnym to synchro units differs a high definition of switchings and small step of the lever of switching of speeds.

a practicality

the Interior new Mazda3 MPS is extremely functional – it is its main line. The steering wheel and a seat are supplied by seven resettings which allow the driver of any sizes and komplektsii it is convenient to be arranged at the wheel the car. The back of a rear seat develops in a proportion 60:40. Thus it forms an equal horizontal surface with a floor.

capacity of a baggage compartment makes 290 litres. However, if to combine a back of a rear seat, it increases to 619 litres.

the interior offers also other possibilities for luggage storage. The perchatochnyj box possesses the big capacity – there it is possible to put even the laptop. The central extension housing can contain to 13 compact discs. Also there are also smaller elements of storage like rear coasters.


New Mazda3 MPS is constructed on the basis of five-door version Mazda3. The body is strengthened in crucial places for increase of strength and road performance of model. According to these principles the suspender and the braking system also have been modernised.

for safety Mazda3 MPS some systems answer at once: antiblocking system, system of distribution of energy of braking, road-holding ability system (DSC), system of dynamic stabilisation of the car with function against towing, differential of the raised friction and help system at emergency braking. Also, unlike classical Mazda3, at Mazda3 MPS diameter of brake plates has been increased.

the Car possesses an automatic control system of yard keepers with rain sensors and an automatic control system of external lighting systems.

for bolshej safety of a car has zones of absorption and redistribution of energy of blow. It is firm « a feature » Mazda companies.

the system of safety of the car includes six airbags, pedal knot, « broken off » at the crash, the changed advanced design of a steering tube and system of the prevention of not fastened seat belts.

the anti-theft system engages the signalling and immobilizer Thatcham. Special gauges are located so that to reveal the malefactors, trying to get into the car through windows of the car or its other apertures.


Inner trim Mazda3 MPS is executed in sports style. All it, including pedals from an aluminium alloy and the original control panel, is combined with high quality and comfort.

sitting have the semiladle form. They provide to the driver and passengers fine lateral support. Besides, armchairs with a logo « MPS » perfectly correspond « athletic » to character of the car. For people the place abundance in a humeral belt and in the field of feet is behind provided.

car Mazda3 MPS equipment - a gift as a hobby and balm on heart of any motorist. Qualitative sound insulation of interior does a trip silent and quiet. In the car the audiosystem of the higher class of manufacture of company Bose is used. It is supplied by CD-drive on 6 disks and 7 dinamikami.