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Still recently at a sight at the Chinese car industry arose

Still recently at a sight at the Chinese car industry there was a big desire to explain to manufacturers that such unknown « well » and what it, mysterious « badly ». Quality of the assembly, applied materials of furnish and running properties were doubtful, and only rather low price served as a joy for clients. Fortunately, some manufacturers drew the necessary conclusions. Such impression develops at acquaintance to the new representative of a D-class — sedan BYD F6 which in the near future appears at the Russian dealers. It seems that the destiny gives it chance to become one of the few « Chineses » to which will manage to avoid a scornful nickname « a teapot » — from the English name of Heavenly Empire.

looks F6 pleasantly and it is modern. Statnyj, attractive, noble — in general, the car perceptible. And rather big: In the sizes the sedan almost completely coincides with Mercedes-Benz E-class, losing the last only 18 mm on height. Traditionally in design of a body without the borrowed elements did not manage. For example, from the person « ef-six » it is similar to representation Lexus LS because of same falsh ­ radiatornoj a lattice and the headlights tightened on side panels. And thanks to not trivial line of a luggage compartment and the form of tail lights in a forage the motives cast MB S-class are traced. Of course, analogies not the cheapest.

and an interior! Put a number of that Honda Accord, already old generation, sit down in interior and try to experience a difference. We doubt that at you it turns out. No, not about materials of furnish speech — in BYD F6 they will be more modest. But many ergonomic decisions are identical Japanese, since a configuration of a metre panel and finishing form and content of the central extension housing. Even inserts under a tree on the same places. However we lower ethical reasons — naked practicalness here corrects. And from this point of view Chineses chose a sure version. Most likely, F6 will be on sale only in the homeland and in our country where the sympathy to Accord outgrew for a long time in a strong pure feeling. Therefore for us a choice such « the original » for imitation it is quite pertinent.

test BYD F6 has been equipped extremely seriously: heating up and the electric drive of front seats, the on-board computer, cruise-control, 2?зонная climatic installation and even navigating system with the touch display (in Russia manages approximately in $400). Operating by a variety of functions does not demand the big intellectual pressure with maintenance manual attraction — besides thanks to Honda. But why at a steering tube mechanical regulation on a departure the such it is insignificant a low speed? Misters Chineses, lets see the matter all the same not only from height of modest growth! And that drivers seat — convenient and well formed — it is possible to remove far enough, but to steer the possibility car any more will not be.

meanwhile steering is not deprived the pleasant moments. Especially, if you carry yourselves to a category of those who does not hasten. The licence engine of Mitsubishi in volume of 2,4 litres (165 h.p.) In a combination with obedient 4?ступенчатым the automatic machine bezemotsionalno disperses polutoratonnyj F6. The car does not go, and as if monotonously switches programs. Sharply pressed an accelerator — and after a reserved dynamic impulse under a motor roar there comes any remissionno-weakened speedup, without an expected vigorous set of speed. In general, « passport » 11 seconds to hundred seem in the underestimated figure. Thus the car accurately goes on a trajectory, but on high speed emptiness in a zero zone of a wheel is felt, and in turning movements propensity to lists because of a soft suspender is shown. Brakes are informative enough: it is clear, when and how much efforts it is necessary to put. However on 30?градусной brake gears showed to a heat propensity to an overheat: after several slowdowns from wheels tumbled down a smoke.

alas, in details to understand features of behaviour of the car it was not possible for one simple reason. Allocated for test drive 3?километровый the quay site represented the two-way road laid out by concrete plates and plentifully strewed by sand. Besides on the one hand « a field for maneuver » the rock, and with another &mdash limited; breakage. So thirst of experiments it has been decided to satisfy in half a year when BYD F6 appears in Russia.

BYD: from batteries to electropenalties

In 1995 in the Chinese market there was a company which has declared as about the manufacturer of accumulator batteries for mobile phones. Under abbreviation BYD disappears promising Build Your Dreams. By the way, if you remove a blank-end cover from the mobile phone with the big share of probability come across the accumulator assembled BYD: today on a share of production of the stamp it is necessary about 25 % of the world market of batteries. In 2003?м the company opened the first page of own automobile history, exhausting midget car Flyer. Modern lineup BYD engages already six cars And - C - and D-classes, and also a coupe-cabriolet. Besides, in the near future in China minivan sales on electropull-rod BYD e6 begin.

Impressions of short test drive remained quite good: the car is pleasant and obedient in steering. Only the smoke from pads after several sharp slowdowns set thinking.

furnish Materials not most quality, however all panels are accurately adjusted, and the interior does not call tearing away.

the Soft suspender easily enough digests road defects, but thus the car decently heels in turning movements.

At the car of 4 airbags, ABS and EBD. ESP to model while it is inaccessible.

the Price
is not defined.

merits and demerits

+ Comfortable steering in a quiet mode, spacious interior.
- the high prospective cost, the brakes inclined to an overheat, insufficient resetting of a steering tube.

technical characteristics

Mark and model - BYD F6
Dimensions - 4850x1822x1465 mm
the Engine - petrol, 2378 sm3, 165 l.s./5000 — 6000 mines-1
Transmission - automatic, 4-step
Dynamics - max 202 km/h; 11 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Chevrolet Epica, Kia Magentis

Our opinion

usually Chinese cars is visible far off, approximately on the traditional smell of an upholstery of interior is as much audible. However neither to appearance BYD F6, nor to an interior of the big claims is not present. Besides, the behaviour of the car on road too appeared adequate. We look, whether it will be possible to tell the same about the model price …