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To inhabitants of house N26 on to the Kutuzovsky prospectus

To inhabitants of house N26 on to the Kutuzovsky prospectus blocked access to light and air for the sake of installation on a building facade a huge advertising banner . In the house in which in due time lived large political and statesmen of Soviet Union (Brezhnev, Antropov and others), in March started external repair. Plaster there to outline, a paint to put. As in any way, the house leaves on the governmental line and should correspond …

Along a building facade on Kutuzovsky builders constructed woods, but to repair it … do not hurry up. Instead over woods stretched a huge advertising cloth in the form of a translucent grid the area of 2200 sq. m. (the size 10022 metre) with the car image « Infiniti ».

Advertising hangs on a building three weeks, and all spectrum of repair work was limited to installation of projectors which shine an advertising banner in a night-time. Now in the afternoon in apartments of citizens there is a twilight, and at night – it is light as day.

in this connection inhabitants of the house on the Kutuzovsky prospectus assembled domkom which, expressing will of people, sent the letter to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the request to promote in check of legality of seating of advertising on a building facade.

According to experts, seating of advertising of such size and in a similar place can cost to $100 thousand a month. Certainly, to tenants of the building which have been fenced off by a panel from « this world » anybody did not offer any indemnifications.

why tenants of house N26 addressed to the president? Scope with which advertisers work (say that these days woods on two other houses on Kutuzovsky actively build; Probably, with the same purpose) says that the complaint in ZHEK them you will not take. And inhabitants of the Brezhnevs house do not hope for the Moscow authorities. Write letters to the president. And still - the head of Federal antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev, in the commission on ethics of Association of communication agencies of the Russian Federation, the general director of the Russian representation of automobile company and the head of the advertising group which have placed an advertising banner.