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Behind an exception « Chineses » and Chevrolet Niva,

Behind an exception « Chineses » and Chevrolet Niva, competitors in the environment of new cars in price group Duster simply does not exist. Unless second-hand « Koreans » in the name of worldly-wise Hyundais Tucson and Kia Sportage … By sight Dacia Duster gives odds to that and another. But whether there will be a solid and attractive shape « Pylnika » (Duster) only bright wrapper under which that disappears still « a candy ».

Already from the first — asphalt — test kilometres in vicinities of Marrakesh Duster encouraged. When under severe looks of the Moroccan policemen our crossover doplelsja at last to free from police and a radar of the first coats, all scepticism was definitively dissipated in a dense dust behind stern Duster. Here did not expect what to get acquainted with « lines of Dakar » it is possible to me on the most budgetary crossover of the Old World. But even more unexpected appeared that pleasure which presented « Pylnik » on these stony tracks of Morocco.

Duster flies on the first coats covered with small stones literally, quickly wandering from one hill on another and dexterously jumping up in air on springboards. Certainly, our front-wheel crossover with far not the most powerful 85?сильным the diesel motor — not so road car. But the twisting moment in 200 Nanometers conceals a capacity lack, and passion with which Duster finishes with kilometres of the Moroccan first coats, calls involuntary respect. The lists rather sensitive on asphalt, here problems any more do not deliver. On the contrary: the soft suspender (on triangular levers from Logan/Sandero in front and semiindependent H-shaped behind) accurately fulfils all roughnesses. Despite rather the broken line, speed almost it is not felt. Only speedometer indications yes long as at a comet, a dust tail behind a stern convince that speed passed for a long time for one hundred. The wheel not to tell that very sharp, — typically loganovsky, but to a budgetary crossover, moreover on a track, bolshej sharpnesses also it is not required. On asphalt from first minutes the impression that you sit in high off-road Logan is made or Sandero.Убранство interior to a pain is familiar: the same rational minimalism in design and furnish. Unless there were decorative inserts under a tree and matte chrome, in separate complete sets handles of the rear doors habitual on more expensive models which are not present at Logana and Sandero were added, yes hardly the metre panel changed. Round devices Sandero in variation Duster as if spread on the bottom edge of the panel on manners « liquid hours » El Salvador Distances.

it is pleasant, what even on finish of rather high-speed test fuel consumption our diesel Duster hardly passed of 6,5 l/100 for a mark of km. The only thing that slightly upset, so it is the thick dust layer formed on thresholds already in ten minutes of ours « spot-check ». « Pylnik » completely justified the name. And all that the second circuit a heat-sound-proof of elastic bands is present only on all-wheel drive version Dacia. Front-wheel manages one.

chariness of Frenchmen with reference to Duster is quite defensible. As the price in this case is not less important, rather than quality, in Renault extremely rationally approached to creation of the budgetary crossover first in Europe. More than 50 % of details Duster, from furniture of interior to motors, are borrowed at Logan and Sandero, a suspender and some elements of transmission Duster 4x4 « are peeped » at Nissan. 5?ступенчатая a mechanical gear box front-wheel Duster together with 16?клапанным the motor removed with 1,6?литровых Renault Sandero. The only thing, in what was necessary to be enclosed seriously, besides operational development of motors, so it in new 6?ступенчатую KP TL8 for all-wheel drive cars and 110?сильного 1,5?литрового « a diesel engine ».

In Europe where sales Dacia Duster began in April, already in the first month the turn on a crossover was stretched at once on half a year. That to Russia, that, as well as in a case with Sandero, we should be reserved by patience. In the Russian market « the murderer » second-hand « Koreans » and new « Chineses » should appear by the end of 2011 when its assembly at the Moscow factory « starts; avtoframos ».

Certainly, the Russian price is not defined yet, however on the basis of the European prices we can make some financially-analytical calculations. So, in Europe prices Dacia Duster begin about 11?900 euros. In worthy complete set Duster approximately for 10?000 euros is cheaper than the most popular version of the nearest competitor of Nissan Qashqai.

Certainly, in Russia this proportion will hardly be saved. But considering presence in the Russian market of the competitor not considered in Europe in the name of Chevrolet Niva, price Duster, possibly, will lie somewhere in a plug between Niva and Qashqai, with small offset aside Chevy. It is logical to assume that prices Duster in Russia will begin with a threshold in 480500 thousand rbl. For such money Duster it is possible will forgive all its insignificant lacks, like minimalistichnogo « loganovskogo » interior.



Lineup Dacia Duster totals five versions. The front-wheel petrol version is equipped 1,6-litre 16-klapannym with the motor capacity of 105 h.p. With a 5-step mechanical gear box. The same box costs and on the most economic front-wheel Duster with a 1,5-litre diesel engine capacity of 85 h.p. In three remained versions Duster monoprivodnye and all-wheel drive « a diesel engine » of 107-109 h.p. and petrol 4х4 all with the same 105-strong motor 16V are aggregated by capacity with new 6-step KP TL8, constructed on the basis of classical transmission for Renault-Nissan TL4.



It is favourite — the Huge hatch is not favourite

is necessary to provide access to deeply drowned short mouth « loganovskogo » a tank. it is unusual

the Unique circuit pyleizoljatsii monoprivodnyh Duster turns around intensive pollution of door thresholds. It is dusty

Does not come within miles neither with Chevy Niva, nor with « Chineses ». If concedes in a sharpness of steering and Nissan Qashqai reactions, only most a little.

neutral enough, in the spirit of minimalism.

the comfort
Taking into account car cost, on a first coat, especially on asphalt of censures does not call.

the First Dacia with optsionalnoj system of maintenance of road-holding ability ESC.

the Price
In Russia is not defined, but in Europe looks more than accessible.

merits and demerits

+ the Superdemocratic price, a sufficient choice of engines, the reliable chassis.
- Insufficient pyleizoljatsija front-wheel versions, absence of resetting on a steering wheel departure.


technical characteristics

Mark and model - Dacia Duster
Dimensions - 4315x1822x1625 mm
the Engine - diesel, 1461 sm3, 85 l.s./3750 mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 5?ступенчатая
Dynamics - max 155 km/h; 13,9 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Chevrolet Niva, Nissan Qashqai, Great Wall Hover M3.


Our opinion

Certainly to change on Duster from off-road cars of a business class begins nobody. But after all is hundred thousand the motorists, all life dreaming of such car, but not having possibility to get it. It nepahanaja a virgin soil, falling in which, Renault grains promise to give record harvests.