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System KERS does not appear till 2010

For last two weeks there were some messages from commands concerning problems with system KERS which should be entered commands since 2009. Factory Red Bull hardly was did not burn down during system test, in BMW seriously suffered one employee, in; Renault also did not happen nearly a fire, it is too much for one check of system, isn that so …

While any command Formuly-1 could not confirm that system testing passed successfully and they are ready to establish it already from the first race of the future season.

at present already refused to use it some commands - Williams F1 Team, Renault; F1 Team, Panasonic - Toyota F1 Team, Red Bull. Probably while those commands, which refuse only; conducted tests and met difficulties about it. If so business goes and at other commands, most likely, this system should be tested during all following season and on race cars of commands it can appear only in 2010.