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Earthquake in magnitude 5,1 has occurred on jugo - the east of Taiwan

Earthquake in magnitude 5,1 has occurred on Wednesday on jugo - the east of the Chinese island Taiwan, passes the Chinese seismological CTR.

Tremors are fixed in 02. 27 local time (22. 27 Moscow time). The data ABT victims and destructions did not arrive yet.

the strongest blow of underground elements has fallen upon Taiwan in September, 1999. As a result of earthquake in magnitude 7,6 under ruins then were lost about 2,4 thousand persons. In December, 2006 tremors have hurt six diving cables at island coast therefore in many countries of Asia for some weeks has interrupted the Internet - communication.

On Monday in a continental part of China there was the most destructive for last 30 years earthquake. Epicentre of tremors in magnitude 7,6 was in jugo - the western province Sichuan. According to all available information, were lost more than 12 thousand 335 persons, 31,3 thousand have got wounds. From affliction areas are evacuated more than 9 million persons. From tremors has suffered not only Sichuan, but also provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi and a city of the central submission Chungking. The national seismoCTR has warned on Tuesday: the elements can strike new blow.