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Days of media

And, BTW, in this sense merge in the new ministry of functions of state regulation of communication and media looks absolutely logical and correct step. Development of mass-media dances 2DAY from a technological oven...

... And here you come from WRK home, you take in hands the LUVed newspaper, and manufactures of a mobile content you just admired whose creative development of on-line possibilities on a place, and there - such monstrous « zakazuha » it « dzhinsa » it « a sneer company » it an embedded advertising, and, in other words, paid matel, given out for free journalistic creativity that already eyes climb on a forehead. And the phenomenon has reached such scale, what EVN in mentioned report FAPMK of an estimation of advertising in mass-media are resulted W the note: « Without an embedded advertising ».

Also you think: if you, colleagues, 2DAY already such clever and rich, Y all of you still such greedy? Moreover and laws break. After all it in « dashing 90 - e » W/ O illegal « zakazuhi » was not to live, and 2DAY - that lawful advertising by a shower of gold sypetsja. And you will get accustomed more close 2 « political zakazuhe » - and it generally in favour of party in power « an United Russia » - that which, like, corruption in the country to eradicate podrjadilas.

Here and throws you from supervision over the same media that in heat, in a cold. Where there " Fried Hausu " W its calculations of freedom on points.

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