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Starts the next round of negotiations on the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO

the Next round of multilateral and bilateral consultations under the introduction of Russia into the World Trade Organization (WTO) will begin in Geneva on Monday, the head of the Russian trunk-call delegation, the director of department of trading negotiations of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Maxim Medvedkov has informed News.

As he said while it is not known, a leah will join negotiations Ukraine which on Friday became the full member of the WTO.

" Ukraine, as well as at NE other member of the WTO, has a right to enter into working group on joining of Russia. For this purpose the Ukrainian party should notify sekretat the WTO on the intention to enter into this group " - Medvedkov has told.

Russian peregovorshchik yet has no the information, a leah intends to be connected Ukraine to working group, but it does not exclude that it can occur during a present trunk-call round which will last till the end of May.

the Ukrainian management voiced earlier readiness to promote joining of the Russian Federation to the WTO. However the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in February in Geneva has declared that Ukraine will join working group to discuss a question of withdrawals disturbing the Ukrainian party and restrictions from a mode of free trade. Some Ukrainian members of parliament called for it also.

Medvedkov has reminded that following the results of consultations on May, 26th the working group will define the schedule of the further negotiations on the new consolidated version of the report of working group which has been let out sekretatom the WTO in the end of April.

Within the limits of preparation of this total document of the Russian Federation discusses with the basic trading partners such system questions, as customs and technical regulation, protection of intellectual property and the state support of agriculture. The size of agricultural grants remains the largest question, which else it is necessary to co-ordinate with the USA and Kernsky group (it includes the countries - exporters of agricultural products).

Negotiations on grants were spent in the end of April in Geneva by Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev. According to Medvedkovo, these negotiations can proceed in the end of May - the beginning of June. In a press - to service of the Ministry of Agriculture of News have responded that while information on terms of a trip of Gordeyev to Geneva are not present.

As to negotiations W Georgia which in the end of April in Geneva has in a pointed manner refused to meet the Russian delegation from - for Vladimir Putin`s commissions to assist the population of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Medvedkov could not tell confidently, a leah will take the Georgian party part in consultations next week. " everything are invited, including Georgia " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

However, according to some information, the Georgian party all - taki plans to renew negotiations W Russia in the end of May.