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the First fans " Manchester United " and " Chelsea " will arrive to Moscow

the First groups of fans of English football clubs " Manchester United " and " Chelsea " which will play among themselves the main trophy of a Champions League - 2008, will arrive to Moscow on Monday, the chief of militia of public security of a city the general - major Vyacheslav Kozlov has informed.

As he said, all to Moscow will arrive more than 40 thousand Englishmen, ANY1 of clubs has RCVed a quota in 21 thousand tickets 4 the fans who in total to Moscow deliver more than 70 planes.

" Fans " the MU " will arrive in " Domodedovo " fans " Chelsea " - in " Vnukovo " and " the Sheremetyevo " where 2 will arrive stay UEFA. Approximately fans will live in 70 hostels of Moscow which the militia takes under special protection. 4 movement of fans from the airports in hostels 970 buses will be involved, their journey will be provided with 270 employees of GAI " - the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has told.

Along with fans on May, 19th to Moscow 2 there will arrive the British policemen who will acquaint with specificity of WRK of the Russian militia. " we have an algorithm of actions W them, interaction will be full " - has told Goats.

As he said, the capital militia has contacted earlier colleagues from Great Britain and has asked them to prepare lists " violent " fans to whom in capital will give particular attention. Thus the fans noticed in infringements of a public order at stadiums, to Moscow simply have not started up.

Goats has underlined that the Moscow militia is translated on strengthened vant performances of duty, in addition to provide the law and order and security in a city will be about 7 thousand law enforcement officers, 2 thousand from them - is direct at stadium and around sports arena - on Hamovnichesky to the Shaft and quays adjoining stadiums.

As he said, the militia will work in the strengthened mode till May, 23rd while Moscow will be not not left by last English fans. W fans the militia will work " it is admonitory, it is lawful and when it is necessary, it is rigid " he has underlined.

" Strengthening assumes increase in number of the militiamen involved in maintenance of a public order, strengthening operatively - investigation teams and maintenance of additional security measures on especially important objects and places of a mass congestion of people " - the chief of militia of public security of Moscow has explained.

As he said, under special control of militia these days will be places of cultural rest of Muscovites where there can be fans are taken. " the great attention on order protection will be given to the CTR of Moscow, and also cultural places - Poklonnoj to a mount, VDNH, Red Square, Arbatu and other places " - has told Goats.

At the airports, underground, in cultural - historical places of a city, and also at stadium " Luzniki " translators will work, the representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has noted.

He has underlined that is direct at stadium in day of a match two tent small towns 4 fans of ANY1 of commands will be created. " small towns of fans will settle down on the different parties " Luzniki " behind tribunes. There tents 4 the concert program will be installed, trade in souvenirs and hot meals will be organised. In general, there it will be possible to spend time " - the general - the major has informed.

the Representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has urged Muscovites to refrain from trips on cars, first of all in city centre, in day of a final of a Champions League, and also from purchases of tickets at private persons as original tickets could be got only through UEFA, in Russia they were not on sale.