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In China the three-day mourning for victims has begun during earthquake

Three-day mourning for victims of the destructive earthquake which have occurred on May, 12th on jugo - the West of the Peoples Republic of China, comes in the country on Monday.

Under the decision of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China from May, 19 till May, 21st in the country, and also behind its limits scarlet cloths of the Chinese flags will be lowered a little, cancelled all uveselitelno - entertaining actions.

three minutes of silence which will be established over China at 14:28 local time (10:28 Moscow time) on Monday on May, 19th, exactly week later after tragedy become the Culmination of three days of trouble. Under the decision of the authorities people at this time should become silent, but horns of cars, hooters of trains and the ships will begin to sound.

Blow of underground elements has shaken jugo - the country West on May, 12th. The earthquake, which magnitude, under the various data has occurred in the afternoon of Monday when children were at schools, and adults - on WRK, made 7,6 - 8. Epicentre of pushes was in district Venchuan of a province Sichuan. There and in neighbouring districts all buildings have been almost in one stage destroyed, under ruins have been buried ten thousand persons.

On Sunday it was informed that the number of victims of earthquake has exceeded 32 thousand persons, but all are ready to that this number can increase B4 50 thousand. After almost week after tragedy rescuers did not lose hope to find someone live, ANY1 new rescue is conceived now as national victory.

we Will overcome 2GETHR

Tragedy has united China. Everywhere it is possible to C, how simple pekintsy involuntarily fade in cafe and shops at TV screens where the latest news from Sichuan are broadcast, cars brake at the information screens established on brisk crossroads of a city.

Popular radio stations where leaders regularly say words ABT " Greatness and force of China capable 2 a unification and overcoming of the general misfortune " become a platform 4 expression of words of trouble of inhabitants of all country.

the Internet - the space 2 does not remain indifferent. Along with expression of words of sympathy to victims and families of victims, here rise and more thorny questions. Someone from users is perplexed, Y the authorities have appeared are powerless to warn ABT so scale act of nature, someone urges to reflect

the Two thousand eighth, called to be favorable for China where the eight traditionally is considered happy figure, presents troubles one behind one. Snowfalls in the south of the country, " frozen " life in the most important Chinese feast - Chuntsze, FU in Tibet, the Antichinese performances worldwide. And here 88 days prior to the Olympic Games new blow. Abundant " the happy eights " In so tragic case forces many to doubt fidelity of the Chinese numerology.

Internet users cry over the letters published in it rescued in epicentre of earthquake of schoolboys. These are records of those who could share the experiences. The Chinese psychologists notice that will cope with a grief and to tell about it it is possible not to all.

Doctors complain that it is obviously not enough their forces for such quantity of victims of elements. In total in China which population is made 1,3 billion by person, 2DAY work less than 15 thousand psychologists. Until recently this speciality has not been claimed in China, and 2DAY deficiency of such doctors is felt almost constantly.

Those who cannot help a word, help the suffered areas money. All country collects offerings on restoration of the destroyed cities and normalisation of life of victims. For five days after tragedy it has been collected more than 6 billion yuans (about 860 million dollars), more than 4 billion have offered simple Chineses. Actions on gathering of charitable means pass these days everywhere. Urns 4 a whip-round 2 which people of all age and prosperity levels last, are established

Ours " the Grandfather - Ven " - the best prime minister

Right after to tragedy has been directed to affliction area of Premieres of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China to Ven Tszjabao. It supervised poiskovo - a rescue operation four days. In this time shots did not descend from TV screens how it calms wounded children, supports remained without a roof over the head, helps rescuers.

" We will do the utmost to rescue people while 2 that will remain though one chance " - the elderly prime minister has promised to the country. And this promise is carried out. In an affliction zone work more than 100 thousand Chinese military men, rescuers from Russia, Republics Koreas, Singapore and Japan work.

After almost six days after earthquake news ABT new " continued to come; miracles " rescue.

Ven Tszjabao visits not for the first time areas to which the help is necessary. It was on a front line during epidemic of an atypical pneumonia, snowfalls in the south and other misfortunes. But for the first time for many years China has suffered so impressively, for the first time the prime minister rescued at once stolkih people.

According to the Ven Tszjabao, the occurred tragedy became the Chinese National Republic largest for all history formed in 1949. It has surpassed in intensity and area of coverage EVN memorable earthquake of 1976 when under ruins of the city of Tangshan in a province Hebei near to Beijing under blockages were lost about 250 thousand persons.

Expression of sympathy and gratitude to the prime minister becomes one of the main subjects of the Chinese bloggers 2DAY. The open sight, a fatherlike smile, sincere emotions of a pain at person Ven Tszjabao - all cannot really leave it indifferent.

" Prime minister Ven, national prime minister Ven/ Wherever there was a misfortune, you always together with the people/ Where happen a misfortune, there our prime minister/ You direct day and night all efforts/ the Prime minister, our generation anthems you! " - the author of the song devoted by him these days Ven Tszjabao writes.

" Our happiness that at China is you. Time you in Sichuan, means and there all will necessarily be adjusted " - Internet users write. The prime minister wish longevity and health.

the Olympic silence on victims

Prosperity, despite recent misfortunes, continues to wish Chineses 2DAY all country and the forthcoming Olympic Games. All emotions raging in China during recent disorders like the Protibetan performances, charges in non-observance of human rights and poor quality of the Chinese goods have paled into insignificance. Anybody any more does not remember them, any of them did not break the Olympic plans of China, did not undermine its Olympic calmness.